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Erratic water supply hit CB health centres

Health Erratic water supply hit CB health centres

The Copperbelt Provincial Health Office has expressed concern at the continued erratic water supply in many health centres across the province.

Provincial Chief Environmental Officer, Christine Mulesu said during the Epidemic Preparedness committee meeting in Ndola that water supply in most health centres is intermittent.

Ms. Mulesu said it is of great concern that most of the health facilities on the Copperbelt are lacking basic water services, a situation she said should be addressed immediately.

Ms. Mulesu also expressed concern at the high turbidity of water in some districts, especially in Kalulushi.

“It’s noted with great concern the intermittent supply of water in our health centres across the province. We did engage the water utility companies namely; Kafubu,Mulonga and Nkana on the matter, but they have not responded yet,” Ms. Mulesu said.

She explained that research has indicated that there is a high number of particles in the water supplied.

Ms. Mulesu further explained that water utilities have been engaged on the matter but no positive feedback has been given yet.

And in response to the concern, over of water supply Kafubu Water and Sanitation Director of Engineering, Bernard Phiri said the quality of water being supplied by the utility company is safe for consumption.

Mr. Phiri said the water utility company has put parameters in place such as chlorine residue and bacteria adaptability to ensure safety of water.

Mr. Phiri said the situation regarding intermittent water supply will soon improve as soon as the US $450 million Kafulafuta Water Supply System in Masaiti is done.

“We may not be able to supply the commodity on a 24 hour basis in some areas, but I can assure you that on average we are supplying most of the areas on a 24 hour basis,” Mr.. Phiri said.

He said currently, the water utility company is supplying water on an average of 22 hours per day though some areas are yet to.


  1. Ati unprecedented development…….

    Those useless PF could not even get the unprecedented development right……..

    Awash either billions and they still made a mess of their unprecedented development

    Lungu was boasting about how he ended shedding , even there , the clueless moron messed up…….

  2. It’s erratic everywhere, here in kakoso chililabomwr, we have had no water for the past 5/6 years. Mulonga water killed our water supply. Many residents are old mine and govt retirees and can’t carry buckets on their heads. govt needs to step in and assist us


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