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President Hichilema appoints Supreme Court Judge Mumba Malila as Chief Justice

Headlines President Hichilema appoints Supreme Court Judge Mumba Malila as Chief...

President Hakainde Hichilema has appointed Supreme Court Judge Mumba Malila as Chief Justice. Justice Malila takes over from late Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima.

President Huichilema said that he has made the decision after looking at the recommendation of the Judicial Service Commission subject to parliamentary approval.

Before the appointment of justice Hichilema, Justice Michael Musonda was the Acting Chief Justice .

Meanwhile, President Hichilema has terminated the service of Justice Mathew Ngulube as Chairperson of the Judicial Service Commission and replaced him with Mwikisa Mukande. He has thanked Justice Ngulube for his service to the nation.

And President Hichilema has appointed Kondwa Sakala as a member of the Judicial Service Commission and Mrs. Sakala was duly sworn in by then-acting chief Justice Micheal Musonda on Friday, November 12.

Meanwhile, President Hichilema has removed William Nyirenda as Chairperson of the Judicial Complaints Commission and replaced him with Vincent Malambo. He has since thanked Mr. Nyirenda for his service to the nation.

This is contained in a statement issued by Presidential Spokesperson Anthony Bwalya.


  1. Its good news that there have been reshuffles at the Judicial Complaints Commission…imagine crooked Magistrates like Principal Magistrate David Simusamba are still in the job tormenting a lot of people

  2. WOW! This is great news. Matero, usually known for the wrong reasons, has made history by producing two chief justices following each other – first it was late Chief Justice Irene Chirwa Mambilima, a product of Matero Girls Secondary School, and now Chief Justice Dr Mumba Malila, a former student of Matero Boys Secondary School. A remarkable coincidence. MORAL: one does not need to go to an expensive school in some plush suburb to succeed in life. Congratulations doc for your well deserved promotion!

  3. He wants only those loyal to him so that he can control. So can he tell us that the appointment was meritorious? Because the chief justice will always favour hh and upnd. Is upnd going to change the constitution to ensure such positions are not appointed by the executive? Is this not what their campaign message was all about.

  4. And a different President comes in he will do the same thing in 2026….align himself with his own justices….and that’s how you breed corruption and it happens here in the USA.. we have democrats and Republican Justices…Malila and Kajimanga big time crooks

  5. Brilliant legal mind respected by colleagues on the bench and former colleagues at the bar including academia. Accolades will pour in from far and wide.

  6. kanamaso kakubeka – Justice Irene Chirwa Mambilima lamentably failed as CJ she was an utter disappointment she was just happy to sit in her office…I mean what was the most important official during a Presidential election doing in Cairo when there was covid-19 two weeks before an election on a Presidential Jet?

  7. This role has always been occupied by Northerners and especially Easterners, for example:

    Chief Justice Annel Silungwe was Mambwe from Mbala / Northern Province
    Chief Justice Ernest Sakala was Ngoni from Eastern Province
    Chief Justice Mathew Ngulube was Tumbuka from Eastern Province
    Chief Justice Ireene Chirwa Mambilima was Tumbuka from Eastern Province
    Chief Justice Mumba Malila is Bemba from Northern Province

  8. They don’t just call us WISE MEN FROM THE EAST for nothing. Its in our DNA. Proud to have a Ngoni Father and Bemba Mother

  9. Good appointments. I have read all comments above apart from comment from number 4 which I skip all the time any way. Our great leader HH is doing a great job

  10. FM Radio @ 9, tell us if the appointments were good or bad because in the end that’s wht counts and not the tribe. Do u really want this country to get ahead? Is a Ngoni thief preferable to a Bemba thief if tribe matters so much to u? I doubt it u should even hv the right to vote.

  11. Lets leave tribal issues. We are all Zambians and we should be proud of it. Balancing should be in the President’s mind though so every1 has a steak in Zambia

  12. The Supreme court is composed of more than one judge. The Con court too is composed of more than one judge. What will happen is that we will have minority decisions from the good judges and the judges Lungu stuffed in the courts who are in the majority will always carry the day. Lungu wrecked the country. Was he truly patriotic?

  13. Please you who thinks tribe all the time you lie Mumba Malila is NOT Bemba….Leave tribe out of it….you wanted that thug on social media from North America to be CJ….please Mumba is by far superior to those social media…and ngo dancing queens hiding behind something resembling the law….

  14. flag Jigga Kayama Simangulungwa (formerly Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Honeybee)

    Is this the same Mumba Malila who was an AG (or DPP) at some stage and was part of the infamous ‘cartel’ with Mutembo Nchito, and was cozy with Fred Mmembe? I tend to remember he had a falling out with one of the presidents… anyone remember the details? Where is Mutembo Nchito by the way? I hope he has left some of those skeletons behind. I read his resume at Zambia Observers and it reads very rich and deep with lots of experience, although he seems to be more experienced in commercial/business law… but he has a good mix of academic theory and practical experience in commercial and on the bench.

    John Sangwa must be disappointed as he was auditioning for this job. :(. Oh well better luck next time I guess.

  15. The problem with ba Tarino Orange (No. 8) is that you hate ECL with passion and therefore anything he did cannot be correct. I knew Justice Mambilima from the time she was just a junior state advocate at the then Ministry of Legal Affairs and I saw her rise through the ranks to become the country’s Chief Justice. What you have said about her is a total misrepresentation of what Irene really was as a person and as a legal. brain. I was personally very proud of her. The truth is Irene was as brilliant as Mumba. Your biased impression about Irene just because she was appointed during ECL’s era your personal opinion.

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