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Tayali promises to quickly to resolve problems at state owned MUNUNGA Quarry in Lavushimanda District

Economy Tayali promises to quickly to resolve problems at state owned MUNUNGA...

MUNUNGA Quarry in Lavushimanda District in Muchinga Province says it is in dire need of the central government’s intervention to continue with its operations.

And Minister of Transport and Logistics Frank Tayali who visited the site to appreciate its challenges said that it is unfortunate that the quarry is in the state that it is in despite being owned by the State.

He added that something needs to be done so that it can supply the country with stones.

“We do not need to import stones; this company has the ability to supply the country with quality stones,” said Mr. Tayali.

Mr. Tayali said that government will do something quickly to resolve the situation at the plant so that operations can be conducted accordingly.

He explained that the new dawn government has intentions of upgrading Lusaka – Ndola Road to a dual carriageway and it will require massive tonnes of stones to support that particular road project.

“It will be very unfortunate if we have to rely on the private sector to supply stones,” said the Minister.

Mr. Tayali has also commended Mununga Quarry for producing quality and unique stones adding that President Hichilema’s administration will do something in the quickest possible time.

And Tanzania Zambia Railways Authority (TAZARA) Regional General Manager, Kambani Ndhlovu says the plant produces high quality ballast as the main product for railway maintenance whilst aggregates, chippings, boulders, quarry dust and crusher dust are produced as by-products for sale to the public.

Engineer Ndhlovu said that the company is however having challenges as the equipment being used is Thirty (30) years old and getting spares in case of breakdowns is not easy.

“There is a big challenge with supply of spares, its either we get it from an old piece of equipment or make an order,” said Engineer Ndhlovu


  1. A mechanical plant like a quarry needs a full time mechanical workshop, with experienced welders, cutters etc. You MAKE the spare parts – you don’t order them. And ordering new equipment will only help for a week, then you STILL need that mechanical workshop. That’s the problem with this minister: he might have a university degree but ZERO practical experience.

  2. No such title as Engineer, please! We keep telling you.
    Also, this is unnaceptable, how is everything government is doing failing to be profitable and always in need of a bailout? We have had massive infrastructure programs and heavy demand for building materials (and if this article is to be believed, we had to import STONES) and this company is crying for help in repairing machines?
    Anyways, 2 years, grudge ichili pali 2 years, tuleya tulekula ka.

  3. What’s troubling is this company with its sister quarry in Mbeya, Tanzania the the Kongolo Quarry are all operated and maintained by TAZARA..my question is what is the state of the quarry in Mbeya it also in disrepair? Are the Tanzanians keeping their quarry afloat at the expense of our quarry..is ZRL not making use of these products or are they importing at great expense…we talk of job creation when there is opportunity here. Please retool this company and increase duty on imports killing our own companies…the days of Lazy Lungu are long gone!!

  4. 30 years old? What have you been doing with the profits? That’s a joke! 30 years and you are just eating the proceeds without modernizing. What sort of shareholders do you have? OK. Naleka ungalakwe.


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