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HH Challenges those Accusing his Ministers of Corruption to Report to them to law enforcement Agencies

Headlines HH Challenges those Accusing his Ministers of Corruption to Report...

President Hakainde Hichilema has challenged those with information on alleged corrupt Ministers in his administration to report them to law enforcement agencies such as the Anti Corruption Commission, Drug Enforcement Commission, and the Financial Intelligence Center (FIC).

The Head of State has reiterated that there will be no sacred cows in the fight against corruption.

Speaking to Journalists before departure for the Democratic Republic of Congo for a working visit, President Hichilema says anyone with information on alleged corrupt Ministers should feel free to report to law enforcement agencies.

PF Chairman for Information and Publicity Raphael Nakahinda has alleged that four unnamed Ministers in the new dawn administration have in the last three months amassed wealth through corruption.

But President Hichilema said that corruption both in the previous administration and in his new dawn administration will be fought head-on and squarely without putting a face to it.

Information and Media Minister Chushi Kasanda
Information and Media Minister Chushi Kasanda

Meanwhile, the Daily Nation newspaper has been running reports of corruption allegations implicating the Information and Media Minister, Chushi Kasanda, and her husband of failing to deliver fertilizer to Southern Province farmers after allegedly pocketing over $50 million.

According to reports, it is alleged that Ms. Kasanda’s husband, Dr Maurice Jangulo, who owns Alpha Commodities, failed to deliver 50,000 metric tonnes of fertilizer to the farmers in Southern Province despite being paid.

The duo is said to have taken pecuniary advantage and single-sourced to supply fertilizer to the Zambian government at US$1, 000 per tonne. Further, the duo is said to be sourcing fertilizer in Mozambique to deliver the commodity to the farmers.

However, when contacted by the Daily Nation, the Minister said that an Indian-led consortium was trying to hoodwink the government by spreading falsehoods about her, vehemently denying the reports, saying that she had never been involved in her husband’s businesses.

“You can check the records. I have never been involved in my husband’s businesses and for them to insinuate that I was conniving with my husband is not fair and very malicious,” Ms. Kasanda said.

She said she knew the people spreading the lies about her and that it was unfortunate that they were trying to pull her name down the drain.

Ms. Kasanda said some known businessmen were working tirelessly to discredit and tarnish her image by lying about her and her husband.

She said they were trying to arm-twist the new dawn government as they allegedly did with the PF government which she claimed had been under capture by the same group.

“Surely, I’m a minister of Information which is very different from the Ministry of Agriculture, and moreover I have only been in office for less than four months,” she said.

Ms. Kasanda said the same syndicate was trying to make the country bleed by sabotaging the government but that the new dawn administration would not allow this to happen.

She said she was incensed because they even published a photo of her disabled brother, claiming that he was her husband.

She said the syndicate was trying to fan confusion to protect their interests but that she would ensure that they were put in their place.

Meanwhile, Southern Province Minister Cornelius Mweetwa has said that the government has not hired any company to supply fertilizer to the southern province as purported by some opposition leaders.

Speaking at a media briefing today, Mr. Mweetwa who is also the party’s spokesperson, said that the UPND Administration has extended the contracts of Alfa and Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia to supply fertilizer to the Southern region of the country.


  1. The crooked fertilizer suppliers have been there for a long time Maurice Jangulo Jr has been struggling to win tenders and it has been the same crooks who have been ripping of the Zambian farmers during the PF regime. They are thinking ahead and dreaming that Chushi Kasanda being a Minister may influence the award of contracts to her husband’s company. Even if it means bringing some one down this one is a big miscalculation. Lets do businnse of levelled ground. A good example does Mr. Jangulo has any influence he way his wife conducts business as a minister? I have know Chushi from her child wood her late father used to be MP for Chisamba during UNIP time and even Maurice during times of NCZ. By the way were the tenders for supply of fertilizer not done by PF before general elections as…

  2. But umu guyz uyu li T…..
    They are reporting to you who has ACC and all, and you tell Zambians to report your ministers to which law enforcers?? In DRC?
    Wishing you malaria in DRC, maybe you can settle and stop insulting us.

  3. I am sure most of the Zambians have regretted having voted for upnd. Have never seen this kind of politics even in developed countries.

    We are in for tough times ahead

  4. I am afraid this Minister might be compromised, because of her husband’s dealings. No wonder she has not been so active as Information Minister. If there is any Minister that could be sacrificed, its her. And its not because she is a woman, but because she has not yet proved herself fit for that position. We expected more from an Information Minister than she is doing. She has left the President market himself and justify his trips & benefits of those trips, but in my opinion, that should have been her being in the forefront selling the GRZ agenda.
    Anyway, let’s give her another 3 months.

  5. I think in a situation like this, as President, the right response in my view would be that “if any of my Ministers is found to engaged in corrupt activities, they will immediately be fired.” And then promise to personally find out if the reports are true and taken immediate action. Surely, it wouldn’t take the President much time to ascertain these allegations. These Ministries all have Ministers who answer directly to you, so if any Minister does NOT know what is happening in his/her own Ministry what is the value in keeping such a Minister around? We have heard this n0ns3nse of saying if any of my Ministers are corrupt “Report them to law enforcement Agencies.” You know and I know that this just a LAZY EXCUSE for not wanting to do anything about it. You employed/hired these…

  6. Continue….

    People and it is your DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY to keep a keen eye on them before your reputation gets soiled. Remember, whatever your Ministers do, good or bad, will directly reflect on you and your administration. Yes Law enforcement agencies should immediately get involved, but investigations take time and money. Meanwhile, as President, these are your representatives and you can deal with them faster than the Law. Learn lessons from your predecessors and note how cabinet Ministers can ruin your reputation and Presidency.

  7. If kateka himself is questionable, corruptionally, and the ACC is in his searcher-pocket, how the hell is he gonna fight corruption?
    The response from hh doesn’t inspire hope. Matter of facts, it lays bear the fruitless rhetoric and it uncovers the blanks in his biased approach to tackle corruption. It’s vividly obvious that 3months down the line it’s dawning to the thing in state house that it’s talk whilst in the opposition was cheap too. How many trips has he already made in 3 months alone. Dear Covid-19, please come so that this negro puts them down.

  8. As HEHH has said , Report the corruption to the relevant authorities……….

    If you are depending on lusambos evidence, we are in for some entertainment

    Every information will be investigated.

  9. Anyone can ask HEHH anything about what you know about corruption……..

    He will answer ……….

    He will not shy away from any questions…….

  10. Kikiki History has an interesting way of repeating itself. Is what Bally is telling PF now not what his predecessor,ECL, was telling UPND then in opposition, – produce evidence?

  11. HH7 should not challenge anyone to report his ministers to ACC when he has OP at his disposal who have access to everything…I remember Lazy Lungu used to spew such nonsense..I dont even know what he sees in this girl Kasanda

  12. I am told that comrade Mweetwa is a lawyer. Those who did law with him at UNZA can do us a favor as to what kind of a student he was, I say so because the man continues to amaze me. At his level of education definitely we expect him to draw a line between what is UPND matter and what is Govt. The man gives statements on Govt issues as if he is the Govt spokesman/woman. We know, just as he does, who the Govt spokeswoman is, so this mischievous behaviour of announcing and speaking on behalf of the Govt MUST come to an end. Hon Mweetwa, a couple of weeks ago some concerned citizens schooled you on this issue but you seem to be portraying stubbornness. Or is it that you are incorrigible? Please allow Hon Chushi Kasanda to perform her duties without you interfering. Perform your duties as UPND…

  13. Awee Mr President I don’t think that that response helps cement your stance on the fight against corruption. Remember that you yourself called out your predecessor for this casual approach to such questions. Infact you did not end at just calling him out but you went ahead and called him an accomplice to the corruption itself. And you were very strong on the issue. I know you can do better next time on this, remember a long journey starts with one step. Walk the talk. The journalist asked you a very question. This is very good information you should use to ask your office (OP, as we commonly call them) to go out there and dig out facts on your behalf than you telling a journalist to go and report to ACC which is under your office. These guys ( ba OP) are very very effective such that if…

  14. #13  kanamaso kakubeka
     November 23, 2021 At 10:27 pm

    “Kikiki History has an interesting way of repeating itself. Is what Bally is telling PF now not what his predecessor,ECL, was telling UPND then in opp..”

    42/42, $4 million for a toll gate , 48 mysterious houses …….

    Is quantitative evidence …….

    Not like the bowman lusambo illusions of corruption they have …..

    That’s why the bally is confident…….

    report , or point out kayili……..

  15. Garbage out Garbage in traffic light change from green to red…..it’s now time to bankrupt Zambia beyond repair…die hard UPND supporters are slowly getting frustrated and disappointed….this is exactly the opposite from what was expected….nothing has changed and HH is enjoying the Presidential challenger….kikikikikiki Mutinta should find a side dude now…husband is always out…

  16. Your Excellency, HH, put your foot down please ?? don’t feel pity, if one is found guilty. The investigative wings are also trying to put food on their tables, that I’m sure of?

  17. This is a tired script. Tayambanso. Amake Jangulo, the decent thing to do here is to step aside so that your kin is investigated; azakubwezani if things are OK. Muyanu uyo VJ stepped aside when there were strong allegations of trafficking… enda ukamufunse. He will give you good advice. Mr President you will ride a tiger if you let these things slide. Muyako uyo ECL…

  18. Mr President chose your words carefully to avoid manipulation or being misunderstood. You need to strongly project yourself as a Leader who is in charge. You could have said something like this:
    “I have said time and again that this Administration hates Corruption, therefore if there is anyone among my Ministers who will be involved in any corrupt practices, they will be fired, However, we will not act on bitterness and malice – the people accused need to be heard”

  19. Fake @KaizerZulu ignoramuses such as your self were kicked out a few months ago. You and your unpalatable limited vocabulary are a thing of the past. Back to the komboni were you belong. Irrelevant wanker.

  20. @25 Edigar Nagwa
    With such language you sound like a typical UPND supporter… it’s very easy to tell….and Zambians are regretting voting for UPND just in case you don’t know yet

  21. But PF GUYS are the ones who used Dr. Maurice Jangulo, even when he Owned Nyiombo with GHULAM from Nyimba? Even DORA SILIYA was eating with him. They buy FERTILIZER FROM SAUDI at $250 and declare over $1,000. Arrest Dora, Ibrahim Mumba former Ambassador from Saudi, Edgar Chagwa LUNGU and many others. We can send you a list.

  22. @28. JOSEPH: How is the president insulting Zambians? He has given you the power to go and report these Crooks. GO to DEC or Anti-corruption Tomorrow. The president cannot do everything. It needs teamwork to eliminate corruption. Contribute my brother report them. At least we are Lucky, in PF Government would you talk? When Chitalu Chilufya was buying expired medicine Even the president backed the f.ool. Yet people were dying.


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