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Zambians deserve an apology from HH and his cohorts-Wynter Kabimba

Headlines Zambians deserve an apology from HH and his cohorts-Wynter Kabimba

Zambians deserve an apology from HH and his cohorts before they start insulting our intelligence, Wynter Kabimba has charged.

Speaking with Daily Revelation over the statements from government leaders, which he has interpreted as coming from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kabimba, the Rainbow Party (RP) leader, said he listened to the press briefing by presidential spokesperson Anthony Bwalya and the response from Vice-President Mutale Nalumango, trying to cover up the instructions and conditionalities they have received from the IMF.

He said after listening to both, he can clearly tell that the UPND is “insulting the intelligence of Zambians.”

“Insulting the intelligence of Zambians in that now they have arrived there. They have got the power which HH so desperately wanted. They have now been redeemed, some of them from their poverty levels,” Kabimba said. “They are now driving vehicles which they never drove before. They are living in houses which they never lived in before. What do they do now? It’s to try to insult Zambians to tell Zambians ‘you have warped memories, you forget so easily’.”
Kabimba said he was happy that Zambians were able to remind those in the UPND over their social media postings when they were in the opposition.

“They didn’t know they were archiving their lies. The same Anthony Bwalya issued a statement in 2016 to reduce the fuel pump price from between K12-K13 when they come to power…HH said the same. He was daring PF thinking it’s impossible to reduce pump price of fuel. ‘We will fix it ourselves’,” Kabimba said.

“Just like he went to UNZA and said ‘there is going to be bursary for everyone’, and in a chorus they answer forward.” Kabimba continued.

“And the chap is taking this country backwards now. Now trying to manipulate the minds of Zambians. Listening to Mutale Nalumango, with due respect of her teaching profession, trying to reason like a villager, ‘no, you know when you want to go to town, you want to pass through North Mead and you will get to town’,” Kabimba said. “That is IMF language that ‘we are giving you these conditions. That the situation will be difficult at first but turn out better’. No African country has ever seen the situation better after meeting the IMF conditionalities.”

Kabimba warned that accepting the IMF conditionalities, which he said were being pushed through the UPND, will make life unbearable for Zambians.

“Instead of UPND apologising to Zambians that ‘we are ignorant, we didn’t know what we were talking about’. Zambians deserve an apology from HH and his cohorts before they start insulting our intelligence. They lied to us,” Kabimba said. “He said vote for change and a better future. A better future can’t lie in increased Zesco tariffs, increase pump price of fuel. It can’t lie in laying off INDENI workers. It can’t lie in removing 116 district commissioners and remove them from the payroll. That action can only come from a heartless man.”

Kabimba urged Zambians that in the same manner they did to PF by removing them from power, they should do the same to UPND in 2026.

On arguments that the UPND found a daunting reality in government left behind by the PF, Kabimba said the same UPND actually disputed the debt figures given by the PF, saying the figures were higher than those publicly stated by the former ruling party.

“So if they knew that time, surely that argument can’t run parallel to the promise that ‘we are going to reduce pump prices’,” Kabimba argued. “The man boasted that he has some of the best economists whom we haven’t seen, apart from the young boys and girls he has surrounded himself with. Even with that they said they will make sure the pump price is reduced.”

On placing INDENI on care and maintenance in order to ensure efficiency in the supply of fuel, Kabimba said the UPND knew the status of INDENI, and if they were serious about taking over, they would have done an analysis of the company and its contribution to the high pump price.

“But even with that knowledge they said the pump price will be reduced downwards. They have absolutely no excuse for backtracking. The only excuse is that they are a bunch of liars…that is unacceptable, immoral and unforgivable,” said Kabimba, wondering how many “more lies” they will tell in five years if they “have lied” this much in just three months.


    • There is no promise that UPND has failed to fulfill. HH has 5 years and he can only be evaluated after 5years, and we have every confidence that HH will fulfill his promises unlike the PF which had unfulfilled promises for 10 years, we stayed with no money in our pockets despite PF telling us in 2011 that we would have more money in our pockets

    • To apologies to you. You must be a serious joker. Already the dollar moved from K23 to K17, Sanity is back in bus stops and markets and councils are collecting revenues, cabinet is tribally balanced, international goodwill has started flowing, there will be no shelter and booth called toll gate costing 4.3 million dollars for one ever again, monies are going down to the constituencies, Thirty thousand teachers(30,000) and Eleven thousand(11,000) medical staff will be employed, ever heard of such things, inflation has started coming down

  1. The rise and fall of UPND……and it’s coming very fast at an alarming rate…..HH will be lucky to finish 5 years….Zambians will demonstrate and force him out of office

  2. Kabimba said. “That is IMF language that ‘we are giving you these conditions. That the situation will be difficult at first but turn out better’. No African country has ever seen the situation better after meeting the IMF conditionalities.”

  3. When PF did not fulfill its campaign promises for ten years Kabimba was quiet, he has suddenly found a voice, but I doubt it is a credible voice especially that this is another one man party that is not censored but another statement issuing machine. The PF said they would be more money in our pockets, there is nothing, I hope when you went tp the PF convention Mr Kabimba, thinking PF would win, you mentioned to your friends in PF that Zambians were still waiting for their empty promises

  4. This guy with his one man party did not even stand in the last elections for obvious reasons, I doubt his own family would vote for him, and just like all other one man parties the daily events are to issue statements, no stamina to organize a party that can win an election. He tried to align himself to the PF in the build up to the last elections to appear a bit relevant but regrettably drowned with them

  5. No wonder Kambwili said people rejoiced when Wynter was fired, this Wynter fellow knows very well that the PF budget is the one in use now, so how does he expect HH to fulfill his promises before his budget kicks in

  6. UPND keep your eyes on the ball. You have an initial 5 years. Unite the country, engage with genuine bona fide professional bodies and the voters, youths, farmers, miners, entrepreneurs etc. Sectors that can deliver a marked difference in the living standards of Zambians. Take note of all criticism. Sift through for value adding criticism from politicking. Respond to the value adding criticism with deeds not words. Personally, I don’t think theatrical politics and screaming newspaper headlines, idioms and proverbs, borrowed from the late Sata school of opposition politics will be the determinant of losers and winners in 2026 and beyond. The elderly who made political choices on such, are already outnumbered. Society is evolving. That era is gone. Bread and butter issues will count. And…

  7. Kabimba and your friends you allowed Edgar Lungu and Inonge Wina who just joined from Upnd to hijack the PF. How did fail? You may good points but they don’t carry weight.

  8. IMF has never been known to genuinely support the interests of the borrowing third world countries. IMF serves the interests of the West. They have a track record, and a trail of devastated ( read destroyed ) third world countries’ economies that adhered to their so called conditions. Wake up!

  9. Lone joker indeed, I believe the government is on the right course of action. Freedoms most important everything follows there after

  10. Winter is right the IMF is the western world monster that is aimed at the African countries for destruction , the dull UPND couldn’t read it’s thoughts and went there blindly supposing things will be any different from the past traumas Zambians suffered, now Zambia has started dancing to their tune.
    The only bad part is it is going to kill this party in government because of the lies they traded with the Zambian voters of improving the lively hoods.
    Now nothing will work for the Zambian university graduate in graduation gown on the voters line in the 12th August 2021 elections .
    What a disappointment for those who expected to see the popular change that filled the air on the said date it was printed every where church prophets announcing it every Sunday, now where has gone…

  11. Wynter Kabimba, a FAILED POLITICIAN, behaving arrogantly. Election campaign ended latest by August 12th !!! STOP misusing the freedom you have been afforded by the same people you are castigating.
    Next campaign is in 2026, for now, please leave HH show Zambians what he is capable….he still have 5 years. Any logical thinking person would NOT suggest, that HH apologizes are this at this point in his 5 years.
    Wynter Kabimba, Sean Tembo, ….. very confused characters

  12. Armchair critic trying to be relevant. Laughable. UPND inherited a mess of the economy and reorganisation is needed before some real results can be seen. In 3 months HH has done so much than what PF did in 7 years under the leadership of an accidental president. It is true that empty vessels make the most sound. Give us a break Winter.

  13. Please stfu hypocrite Kabimba ,both you & PF lied in 2011 and led Zambians to poverty,misrule and massive debts.

  14. Every Zambian has a democratic right comment on the governance of the nation of Zambia including PF and any other parties.
    UPND it is your turn to do what you promised Zambians, there is no need to complain about the party you defeated.
    You showed zambian people that you were equal to the problem but what we have so far seen is just failure and confusion.


  16. The Rainbow Party (RP) leader…my foot. He is just a proxy PF Party he is not even ashamed Highvie Hamdudu has a body in Parliament this man has had his brief case for years not even a councillor on the ground.

  17. Wynter Kabimba forgets how arrogant he was while in power and lying all the time.Even MCS got tired and fired him.

  18. Very huge points Wynter. Only the heavyweight lifters can digest the points that you are making here. Cimbwi with no plan, the unfording of the hh self-prophecy.
    But face it he told you he was going the IMF way. He bragged that he had friends highly placed in the West world including some chaps in the IMF and Word bank were his pals. Can you imagine a president posing for a photo at the London Metal Exchange for his social media pages? How sick!


  20. Comrade Winter, I thank you for the article. Those who are calling you names for writing this article are Zambians and are entitled to their views. Please accept their views but please don’t relent in giving checks and balances to Mr “I know it all.” The reason why some of you MUST continue checking him is that the man will not work if he has all of us praising him. If he fails to deliver on his many promises after 5years because he is busy listening to the many praise singers instead of working his failure will be a huge cost on all of us Zambians,
    So let us be patriotic and continue keeping this man on his toes so that he can deliver for all of us. After all, we love the man and we wouldn’t want him to fail at all. Also keep reminding him that he is just human and so he doesn’t…

  21. Even if I support HH. Let these guys tread carefully with these western imperialists. They don’t mean well for our continent.

  22. Wynter Kabimba has a strong dislike for HH and UPND Alliance. He is taking personal and never seen anything good in HH from the word go. Their disliking each other started in 2011 when HH piled out of the Alliance with PF. Wynter i a senior lawyer, citizen and Headman in Salaland who who should choose carefully his words no matter how bitter or disappointed he feels. How does one call fellow leaders as a bunch of fools. Its better Wynter goes to PF where he got kicked out by a Bemba clique for being stubborn and he has not learnt anything from his past. All we have been hearing from Wynter are arm chair critics nothing else. Wynter can do better going back to PF perhaps he can help revive its fortunes and turn them around. Rainbow Party has failed us at all levels, no representation its…

  23. Arrogance caused PF Party to BE removed from Power and I can foresee UPND being a one term ruler if they
    continue with LIES, KNOW IT ALL AND HOLIER THAN THOU ATTITUDE PARTY. IMF conditionalities are a recipe for HARDSHIPS
    and CORRUPTION for any developing Country like Zambia.

  24. HH is now like a baby trying to wake. He didn’t know anything about governance and was not prepared to govern this country. Let him accept that it’s not how I expected bola nimuchibansa not panse. Checks and balances are good, let’s give credit to whom it is due not supporting ijersey.


  26. Ba ANTI LAB [email protected]
    Correct your facts. The dollar has not moved downwards from K23 to K17. PF left it at K15 in August. So it has moved up to K17. The dollar has depreciated under upnd.
    And please ba upnd, don’t dispute and dismiss even genuine criticism just because HH is now president. Isn’t that the kind of arrogance that Zambians hated about PF?

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