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Government Appoints a new Board of Directors for the ZESCO

Economy Government Appoints a new Board of Directors for the...

The government has announced the appointment of a new Board of Directors for the ZESCO. Energy Minister Peter Kapala announced the new ZESCO Board at a press briefing in Lusaka.

Mr Kapala disclosed that the new board is composed of professionals who will be expected to provide a different approach in addressing the challenges faced by the power utility.

The new ZESCO board will comprise six members who will be chaired by Vickson N’cube.

Mr Kapala disclosed that government has identified alternative sources of energy to help control deforestation in the country and has stated that a lot of progress has been made to ensure that the country becomes the energy hub in the region in the next three years.

The Minister further dispelled rumours of fuel price hike and that that the country has received enough stock which should normalize the situation by the end of the week.

Mr kapala further clarified that Indeni Oil Company in Ndola is not closing but rather on care maintenance to resuscitate it and explore the full potential of the company and that all employees are still being paid salaries despite the halt in production.


  1. Whereas the new chair has extensive experience in finance and insurance he is not the right fit for ZESCO at a time such as this

  2. Edna Mudenda, daughter to Victor Mudenda the former ZESCO board.
    Can our journalists please do a little research and give a short profile of the new board? Apparently they are professional, and we should just take that at face value.

  3. So according to the New Damn government any Board or Committee only becomes credible if there’s at least a Tonga sitting in it? It’s load of garbage. As long as the Law restricts the number of players and their roles in the electric energy sector, they’ll be no meaningful development. Zesco will sink the private producers

  4. They think getting rid of professionals and replacing them with upnd loyalists is what will develop country.. they are in for a rude shock

  5. Zesco, the most Rotten of Zambian parastatal organisations.A Cesspit of Corruption,LUNGU and his Chalatans completely destroyed the company.
    What is needed there is a Root and Branch reorganisation.I’d go as far recruiting the Group MD from Europe Or USA .

  6. Time to clean out the dirty mess left by the dirty pf rats. This was very much needed. No pf sympathiser must come anywhere close to zesco, I repeat! Some of us campaigned hard for upnd and it is time the right people were rewarded.

  7. PF nincompoops are still living in denial. If the president just gave us just 5 minutes to take a revenge on those cadres that used to torment us, I tell you we could have cleared these *****s that are making noise. They are lucky, HH is more human than their bottle president. He never allowed us to do that.

  8. I hope a formidable board is being put up, last time we had a theologian as a board chairman for Zesco board, how

  9. Here is free of charge advise.

    A big company like ZESCO should evolve and stop supplying electricity to consumers. Plan should be as follows:-

    1) ZESCO – Should be supplying electricity to other electricity companies.

    2) The other companies buying electricity should be the ones supplying electricity to consumers.

    3) The companies supplying electricity to consumers will then work around their expenses and overheads and price their tariffs based on some of these dynamics.

    4) These companies will then be competing in prices with other and this will kill the ZESCO monopoly and inefficiencies.

    5) So then ZESCO’s concentration will move maintenance of supply lines so they will be charging the companies they will be supplying electricity to as a service.

    6) ZESCO will then…


    6) ZESCO will then begin to focus on other renewable energies. Time to start investing in Solar and wind energy we have plenty of this.

    Please tell me you understand this. This is so simple you need help to misunderstand it.

    Lets move with time.

  11. ERB Board and the new Zesco board we have a standard ZESCO outage every week in 10 miles, Kabangwe, Zani Muone and the surrounding farmimg areas where there is no supply each week with a message being sent by Zesco every week of maintenance, I am talking of over a year now, and obviously ERB has been not been questioning ZESCO how they would be doing maintenance in these areas every week.

  12. They change board which was performing well, except employing PF cadres.
    And why people don’t cook using coal in Zambia?

  13. Yes indeed every week there is a power outage in Zani Muone, Kabangwe, parts of Ngwerere and the surrounding farming areas, every week there is a maintenance notification and power outage , how normal is this for 52 weeks in a year

  14. Develop Zambia @12, it’s unhelpful to use principles and insights from an imperfect and imprecise discipline such as economics to draw conclusions on the power generation, transmission and distribution system in Zambia which is still nascent. For now Zambia needs an integrated system as competition would be unhelpful because the power of the state is needed to help take power to every nook and corner of the country.

  15. Let the board employ proper directors and formulate policy which will ensure that zesco operates professionally and not become a cash cow for the ruling party nor a source of employment for cadres or ghost workers.

  16. Was Amos Chanda referring to Kazier Zulu?
    Watch “Amos Chanda said State House under ECL was toxic and dirty” on YouTube

  17. @ Ayattolah – all you could see and wanted check from the list is a Tonga name – not qualified Zambians. This tribal hatred is disgusting and nauseating……. it reduces your humanity to lower than animal behaviour.

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