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President Hakainde Hichilema led administration does not have a clear roadmap

Feature Politics President Hakainde Hichilema led administration does not have a clear roadmap

President Hakainde Hichilema has lost the confidence of some Zambians in the first hundred days of being in office, according to an overview shared by the opposition New Heritage Party.

President Hichilema took the oath of Presidency from Former President Edgar Lungu of the Patriotic Front on 24th August, 2021.

In giving an analysis of the UPND administration in office, Ms. Kateka has observed that since taking office President Hichilema has made too many U-turns on the many campaign promises made before the August, 12th general elections.

She has also noted that there is too much self-praise by the Head of State including what she termed as over-dependence on the West, something she says means the new administration is not at liberty to make decisions that work for Zambia and Zambians.

“President Hakainde Hichilema led administration does not have a clear roadmap of how the UPND intends to reduce the sufferings of the Zambian people. The policy direction of the UPND led administration is not very clear and seems to be contradictory where pronouncements and actions seem not to be speaking to each other”.

The opposition Leader also touched on the uncoordinated approach of communication government business by the new administration which she says is exposing the Head of State to ridicule because they are not well coordinated.

“Composition of his media team at State House that does not seem to liaise with the Government Spokesperson, the Alliance Spokesperson and the Party Spokesperson. They expose the President to ridicule because they are not well coordinated” said Kateka.

Meanwhile, ending cadreism has been listed as one of major achievements of the UPND administration.

The following are the positives noted by Ms. Kateka in the UPND administration going by the standard of the opposition New Heritage Party.

“President Hichilema does communicate his thoughts with citizens. His pronouncements show the right intent. Cadreism is now not at the level that it was. Although it still exists it is now an underground issue. The President has created an aura of someone that is being in control. We feel freer under UPND and then under the PF Government” she said


  1. Running a country is complicated no matter how much money or education one may have. KK and his (most) team went only as far as form two. But he had a clear road map. History is there to support this.


  3. We have white collar cadres taking up government jobs while in your understanding the only people you think as cadres are those call boys at bus stations. Cadreism is cross cutting in societies in this Zambian democratic dispensation. But the social nui.sa.nce remains. If you have a cadre Minister or a cadre PS, the mannerisms are the same as a Bus stop cadre. Perhaps PF entertained cadres at bus stops were physical. In any case, all manner of cadreism is bad.

  4. MS, what is she missing. Hallucinating, your party has nothing to stand on. That is my take
    I still believe in this government.

  5. They are free to talk now, in previous government police would have already questioned them by now, reckless individuals.

  6. The New Heritage Party? Is that not the party that got 0.00001% of the votes on August 12? And consequently didn’t get any seats in parliament? And therefore should keep their mouths firmly shut?

  7. What I don’t like is the ( UPND cadrerism ) that is on social media they are molesting any one who has different views from their own , the thuggery we are witnessing on social media is troubling to the decent people they should stop it , it is stinking to our noses people deserve to be respected and their own point of view, these dirty talkers or writers are a big shame to their organisation they want to shut up Zambians at all cost to talk about politics .

  8. Anyone with eyes can see UPND have completely no plans. It was a shock to find themselves in office. We are not hearing a single word from their cabinet about how they are pushing their manifesto nor is the president telling us what we should expect from him and his team. I must say Lungu was equally lost but he was worse in that he never held a press conference because he was too afraid of the media

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