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President Hichilema announces his Trip to Malawi on Tuesday

Headlines President Hichilema announces his Trip to Malawi on Tuesday

President Hakainde Hichilema has announced that his team is on Tuesday expected in Malawi.

Posting on his Facebook page President Hichilema said that the trip is part of the “President-to-President” diplomacy which has been the established tradition for new heads of state, adding that Zambia and Malawi share common values, culture, and rich history.

The President said that the two heads of state will discuss trade and matters of mutual interest and that opening up trade routes is vital as it will enable Zambians to sell their products.

Mr. Hichilema further noted that the opening up of trade routes will create employment and earn the Zambia foreign exchange which will help in economic stability.

The President said that he takes seriously his role of chief diplomat for Zambia hence exploring opportunities for Zambians and has pledged continuation of promoting economic diplomacy with neighboring countries.

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  1. I would not mind the president spending 6 days in Congo. There is very huge market for our products. Now Malawi, I hope the travel cost is not equivalent to the balance of trade.

  2. We hope you are going there with a message of reunification to bring our countries back together. We just don’t know who would agree to handover power between the two you. Anyway we need to encourage free trade with our neighbours. We can export to them fresh eggs and chickens and import that wonderful fish from lake malawi.

  3. There are three products I liked from Malawi when I was at school one is Mazoe Orange Crush, two was Powers Gin and the third was the special Malawi Golden blend herb . We definitely need to take and maximise all opportunities around us not just visit these countries when its independence day or Presidential inaugurations.

    • Mazoe is made in Zimbabwe. When Cocacola-Schweppes was enjoying Zambian economic freedom they briefly made it in Zambia

  4. President HH should be thinking more about attracting investment to Zambia in the production of electric car copper products in order to add more value to our mineral resource. It is not enough to simply do away with mineral royalties paid to government by foreign mining firms in the hope of increasing copper production from the current 800 tonnes to 3 million tonnes. In order to move away from a monocultural economy dependent on the export of base metals, enhance manufacturing and grow the economy, President HH should be thinking more about how we can add more value to our raw copper and earn more from the production of electric car copper products. Just increasing the production and export of raw copper is not what will improve our economy! President HH should be thinking more about…

  5. Zambia:Legal system
    mixed legal system of English common law and customary law

    International law organization participation
    has not submitted an ICJ jurisdiction declaration; accepts ICCt jurisdiction

    Malawi:Legal system
    mixed legal system of English common law and customary law; judicial review of legislative acts in the Supreme Court of Appeal
    International law organization participation
    accepts compulsory ICJ jurisdiction with reservations; accepts ICCt jurisdiction

    Please tell him to take care of lake Malawi

  6. We use the Gulf stream and Travel in secure mode without unnecessary stopovers We have different Geopolitical inclinations and the risks poised in those witnessed commercial airlines in sleeping overs and connections must not continue We are a President of an Interest country Zambia, like others may have different Geopolitical inclinations and Interest when we speak we speak for the country then the region then the countries and then the world We avoid use of too much non verbal white hands we understand in the plains here We use then small small its good to visit neighbors especially if you just move in the neighbors also should show the good neighborliness and…

  7. the observer – Great point …we need to reduce the cost of production in Zambia and most importantly we need reliable electricity supply!!

  8. @Tarino Orange yes true, but we reduce cost of production given the heavy debt,externally influenced costs of shipping and Zambia’s unfavourable location away from the sea board.

  9. @3 Tarino Orange
    Mazoe is from Zimbabwe the one from Malawi is called SOBO, and they make powers number 1 and Napolo wamasese which is like chibuku…sounds like you went to school in the Eastern Province

  10. A trip with the outbreak of Omicron sure. Does this president care. What trade investments are in Malawi. Waste of tax payer’s money.

  11. Saulosi – You are spot on everything…yes its SOBO I forgot the name very tasty orange concentrate I always wanted to carry some home but money was tight when going back for holidays and we always wanted to travel light when going back to LK on those fast AVM buses. It was always loud jovial singing and banter about rival schools to the disgust of the senior passengers, driver and conductors!!

  12. Saulosi – When did they start to manufacture opaque beer? I remember Chibuku tetra packs were a popular Zambian export to our neighbouring countries back in the day.

  13. Kamwendo munjira.

    In the midst of Omicron, atishani apo. Dear Covid-19 et al please do us some justice.
    Isolate him for 14 days when he comes back.
    Plus, use commercial please.

  14. We can export Zambian tujilijili,kachasu and lots of Malawian drunkards.I’ve met a lot of Malawians in Chipata they love to get tipsy.

  15. Was president HH a fun of late thriller man Michael Jackson and if he was , maybe that’s why he likes wearing those white gloves? He is the only president in the world and in southern hemisphere that likes putting on dancing gloves. Two presidents in the history of Zambia that have had their identification trade mark. Kaunda was Handkerchief and Hichilema wears Dancing gloves.He wears them when having a press conference or a swearing ceremony. Interesting kaaah

  16. I hope the Ministries of Home Affairs, Transport and Logistics and Foreign Affairs will put it high on their agenda as the President of the Republic of Zambia HEHH engage his Malawian counter part to open the Malawian border to Zambian bus operators. Whilst other countries have left their border open to bus operators Malawi has kept its border closed. This is killing the spirit of good neighbors and closing business opportunities among our people.

  17. The president must stay in the country and solve the drought problem, he should be serious about the looming hunger situation in the nation he should not be flying every now and then he should look at the rain situation in the country and he knows what to do as he as knows what happened in the past, and ECL did to have rain again, unfortunately he was never there but now he is the leader of the nation.
    Being arrogant towards God won’t solve this problem .

  18. @18 Tarino Orange
    They’ve been making opaque beer for a long time..way back in early 90s….and they also have Carlsberg made out of Tobacco they call it Carlsberg wa fodya….Malawians are very good people….

  19. Yes Malawians are very good people. Only that they have had poor leadership worse than Zambia I should say because with that lake they should have been economically very viable.

  20. In all these trips no one talks about the unnecessary nature of these trips. If it were Lungu all UPND sympathisers would be counting these trips and give him all sorts of names. Now Vasco daggama is immuned to travels outside his borders.

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