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Apostolic Faith Church allegedly objects to modern health care for members in Mumbwa

Rural News Apostolic Faith Church allegedly objects to modern health care for members in...

The Apostolic Faith Church in Kalunzhu village of Chief Kabulwebulwe is reported to frustrate the provision of primary health care services.

Lungobe Rural Health Centre Nurse-In-Charge, Edith Sosela, says the members of the church refuse to have anything to do with convention medicine allegedly because their doctrine forbids them to do so.

Speaking when members of the Provincial Nutrition Coordination Committee (PNCC) visited the facility to monitor activities being implemented by the Scaling Up Nutrition Technical Assistance (SUN TA) Project, Mrs Sosela appealed for the government’s intervention.

Ms. Sosela said the religious grouping does not allow health workers to provide health care services such as immunizations, child growth monitoring and maternal services among others.

She said the government should move in quickly and harness the situation warning that if the status quo is allowed to continue, it will negate the government’s efforts in the provision of primary health care services.

“They are very stubborn group of people and they dont even listen to the village headman. The authorities are aware but what is required now is for the government to move in,” Ms Sosela said.

He explained that at one point Child Health Week could only be held in the area under the nooze of the gun with the police.

“Child Health Week could only be done in the presence of the police. But of late when you approach them with the police they complain of being harassed and argue that they are not armed people and harmless,” she explained.

She disclosed that during the last Child Health, health workers had to ambush the group at a church camp but it was not easy to access the children.

Ms Sosela has expressed fear that there could unaccounted maternal deaths while health issues of children will be compromised.

And Wizzie Kafata, a Mother Support Group Supervisor, has echoed similar sentiments, saying the grouping especially the male folk are very stubborn and a danger to society.

Mr Kafata said both government and the local leadership should take stance and stop the beleaguered situation.


  1. There’s a cult slowly taking control of the community. Government eyes and ears should keep an eye before things get nasty.

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