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Intensify sensitization on Covid-19 vaccination, Ministry of Health told

Health Intensify sensitization on Covid-19 vaccination, Ministry of Health told

A civil society organisation called Alliance for Good Governance has told the Ministry of Health to intensify sensitization on Covid-19 vaccination in a bid to increase vaccination uptake.

The Ministry of Health is currently implementing a Covid-19 Vaccination campaign aimed at ensuring that 2 million Zambians are fully vaccinated by 25 December 2021.

Zambia has a 30 % vaccination goal to attain by December 2021.

Alliance for Good Governance President Joseph Chileshe said many people are pessimistic over Covid-19 vaccination because they lack knowledge over the issue.

Mr. Chileshe said there was a need for the Ministry of Health to counter react to myths and misconception over Covid-19 Vaccination being peddled in communities.

Mr. Chileshe, however, said people should not be forced to take Covid-19 Vaccination.

“Our stance on vaccination is that we have to do as the Government has instructed by ensuring that we encourage as many people as possible to take their vaccination but it must be done without infringing on their rights and freedoms of our people,” Mr. Chileshe said.

“Massive publicity must be done to inform the people so that they are aware of the dangers of this disease and be vaccinated accordingly to protect our people,” he said.

Mr. Chileshe added:”It is important that the Ministry of Health invests more resources in sensitization programmes to ensure that people are explained to regarding Covid-19 vaccination.”


  1. If what I here from Africa is true, omicron could be a nature made vaccine against the covid-19. I mean, if it spreads at a rate of 2.4 that of delta, and has no or little symptoms, it definitely is nature’s mass vaccination tool.

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