Cooperating Partners commit to providing over 2.3 Billion United States Dollars to Zambia in Health Sector

Health Minister, Silvia Masebo
Health Minister, Silvia Masebo

Cooperating Partners in the Health sector have committed to providing over 2.3 Billion United States Dollars to Zambia from 2021 to 2023.

The support is earmarked for 136 different projects such as HIV/ AIDS, Malaria, TB,maternal and child health, COVID-19, Nutrition, adolescent health, water and sanitation, provision of critical medical supplies among others.

Speaking during the virtual Annual General Meeting with Cooperating Partners in the health sector in Lusaka today, Secretariat coordinator for health Cooperating Partners Sofia Hallqvist explains that of the total commitment, $890 million was committed this year,while $740 million has committed for 2022,with $600 million being commitment for 2023.

The partners include the World Bank,European Union,Sweden,the US,UK among others.

And Minister of Health, Sylvia Masebo re-affirmed government’s resolve to strengthen transparency and accountability in the management of public and donor funds allocated to the health sector in the country.

Ms Masebo expressed concern with dwindling public and donor confidence in the health sector due to a number of reasons among them high corruption in the administration of funds.

She said this is why the government will ensure all health care resource systems are strengthened to curb any corruption activities to restore public and donor confidence in the sector.

And Chairperson for the Cooperating Partners, Nicholas Woolley has praised the New administration’s stance on zero tolerance to corruption.

Mr.Woolley who is also British High Commission to Zambia has also welcomed the recent investigations conducted by the security wings at the Ministry of Health involving misappropriation of public and donor funds, adding that the move will go a long way in bringing back donor confidence in the health sector.

He stated that going forward the Cooperating Partners are committed to increase their support to Zambia’s health care system.

Mr. Woolley further called on the government to also scale up the COVID-19 vaccination program and other support services such as oxygen supply among others to all parts of the country if the fight against the pandemic is to be controlled.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) Country Director, Nathan Bakyaita has welcomed the government’s decision to establish a drug fund.

Dr. Bakyaita explained that in order for the fund to be properly managed, there is a need for government and its Cooperating Partners to enhance and strengthen capacity for ZAMMSA.


  1. Ministry of Health has been the most corrupt entity in the country for many years. Several countries have completely pulled out, when they noticed that government wasn’t doing anything. Come 2021, NOTHING has changed, still the most CORRUPT gang around! And Sylvia and Bally do NOTHING!

  2. That $ USD figure sounds too good to be true even if it is over a 3yr period.Zambia needs to get off aid dependency though.

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