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People should be patient with the New Dawn Government on issues pertaining to education


United Party for National Development (UPND) National Management Committee Member Kenny Ng’ona says people should be patient with the New Dawn Government on issues pertaining to education.

Mr. Ng’ona’s comment comes in the wake of complaints regarding the fewer number of students set to benefit from higher education loans and scholarships during the 2022 academic year.

The Higher Education Loans and Scholarship Board has awarded loans to 2,481 first year students at the University of Zambia for the 2021/2022 academic year from 10, 682 applicants.

Some students left out on higher education loans and scholarships have since protested in Lusaka saying they were eligible too.

Students protest prompted former Copperbelt University Students’ Union (COBUSU) Council Chairperson Gershom Nombuyo Phiri to call on the Government to increase the number of students benefiting from higher education loans and scholarships.

But in a media statement issued on Thursday afternoon, Mr. Ng’ona, who is also UPND Deputy National Youth Chairman, said the party in power has the young people of Zambia at heart.

“We have from time and again begged the people of Zambia to be patient with the new dawn government under the leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema. The Minister of Finance Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane has announced and promised that students meal allowances will be reintroduced by June 2022. Thanks to the new IMF deal which the new dawn government has managed to clinch,” said Mr. Ng’ona.

“The party in power has the young people of Zambia at heart and will do everything possible to make sure that all campaign promises are actualized. We want the difference to show and it has already started showing. The great effect of free education is a Christmas and new year present to all those that have been struggling to find school fees for their children. Zambians should not worry about school fees anymore.”

“With the reintroduction of student meal allowances famously known as BC, next year June 2022 will be a great year for students, parents and guardians. We thank the Minister of Finance for announcing that come June 2022 students meal allowances will be back. This calls for celebration among students as the announcement is a great Christmas and New Year present for Zambia,” he said.

Mr. Ng’ona added: “The President H.E Hakainde Hichilema is already making this country better through fixing education from grade 1 up to grade 12. In June, we are fixing BC so as to allow students to concentrate on their studies.”

“Let every well meaning student join in rejoicing and thanking the President for the love he has for this nation as he really wants it to be better than before. Education is the best equalizer and it’s free under the leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema,” he concluded.

Only applicants with 5 and 6 points have been awarded student loans at the University of Zambia for the 2021/2022 academic year.

Of the total number received, 10,485 applicants are eligible for the award of student loans while 197 are ineligible, representing 98% and 2%, respectively.

The Higher Education Loans and Scholarships Board (HELSB) is currently supporting a total of 8,539 students at the University of Zambia


  1. When the UPND in opposition made wild promises and asked them about how and when they were going to be fulfilled, they always refused to respond. They only have themselves to blame that people are now demanding from them to fulfil their promises or lies now. They have created a credibility crisis for themselves from which they cannot run away.

  2. You promised youths and Zambians at large that you will offer free education when you form government.

    Why should people be patient when you yourselves lied to them.

  3. @Henry,
    In general there is no difference in what you are expecting and what the New Dawn government is saying. You all agree that UPND promised to offer free education. Please credit them, as they have already announced the great part of the free education which will come in effect from january.

    The only difference is that, you are NOT acknowledging the fact that the PF government left empty coffers. UPND is not giving excuses, and they have found ways how they will fund free education, the money will start flowing in by June. There is a difference between a delayed delivery and NOT FULFILLING a promise. Your statement above is misleading.

  4. He who feels it knows it. This is a lesson to all opposition leaders….do not rush into pronouncements, condemnation and worst of promises unless you have fully studied and understood the terrain called government operations.

  5. Totally free education should only be for people under 18. Isn’t this now the case?
    People over 18 should stop expecting freebies.
    I paid for my degree whilst working.
    Also, there is now so many online courses available world wide.

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