Wednesday, July 24, 2024

UPND urged to allocate more money to the loan scheme for students


Opposition Patriotic Front Kamfinsa Member of Parliament Christopher Kang’ombe has appealed to the government to allocate more money to the loan scheme for students.

And Hon Kang’ombe has also noted the need for the Higher Education Loans and Scholarship board to be converted into a bank.

Speaking when he featured on Millennium TV today, Hon Kang’ombe said this would enable more students to access loans for their education.
He said the fact that the PF government increased the number of public universities from 3 to 8, the number of students requiring loans increased.

“There is need to Convert the higher education board into a bank. We can create an institution that will be lending money to the students . It would carter for what used to be bursaries committee. Then Government would be able to deduct from the beneficiaries payslips once they start working. This is sustainable,” he said.

Last week, 2000 aspiring University of Zambia students were given loans out of 10, 000 applicants, a decision that raised eyebrows among stakeholders.

Hon Kang’ombe said there was need to increase funding to the loan scheme because the number of Public universities has increased hence resulting into many school leavers enrolling into universities.

Meanwhile, the Kamfinsa lawmaker urged the UPND not to shoot down every progressive motion taken to Parliament by the Opposition PF.
He said the ruling party needs a strong opposition adding that it is therefore important for the UPND to listen to ideas.

“This ruling party has an opportunity to listen to what we are saying, if I make a proposal, they should not shoot it down on the basis of me belonging to the former ruling party. I will be moving a motion to Parliament on the need to set up a fund that will empower small-scale miners because mining is our strong economic stay. They should not object to that motion because governance is not about those in the ruling party,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hon Christopher Kang’ombe says he is not moved with the petition surrounding his election to Parliament.

HON Kang’ombe said he is more concerned on serving the people in his constituency because it is the path he chose.

“I’m more concerned about things that affect the constituency. After we adjourn on Friday, I am going into the constituency to work. We just approved the constituency development committee. For me this is not unusual, it is part of the process. The petitioner has a right to take the matter to the constitutional court. But I’m not moved by these petitions,” he said.


  1. SEATS WON BY PF ,PETITIONED BY UPND, NULLIFIED, BY-ELECTIONS HELD, SEATS RE-WON BY PF………..What nonsense! It costs about 5.5 million to hold one by-election, given that money to students as loans

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