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Mushindamo residents becoming impatient over delayed methodical approach by HH to appoint people

Rural News Mushindamo residents becoming impatient over delayed methodical approach by HH to...

Some Mushindamo residents have run out of patience on what they have described as the delayed methodical approach of President Hakainde Hichilema to put right people in government offices.

They said Mushindamo being a new District there is an urgent need to foster development.

“Our leaders do not have their own offices they are just squatting. There is a need for the workforce to start developing the District, PF neglected development with best reasons known to themselves. We need jobs and also we don’t want PF cadres in offices who harassed and made our lives difficult.

“We know them but some were watermelon who and suffered silently of the brutal regime of PF, ” they said.

But Mushindamo Council Chairperson Peter Ilunga said the district is waiting for a go ahead to advertise vacant jobs.

He said youths must not lose patience now when the new dawn administration has set tone on development agenda.

“Parliament has approved budget for all effective January 2022 and so there will be changes. Youths and women are being prepared to form different cooperatives and benefit from the national cake” Mr Ilunga said.

He said his office is open for service delivery adding that if not his leadership is irrelevant.

“My service is for the people of Mushindamo District to improve their livelihood and participate in developing it in love with the UPND’s manifesto” he stated.


  1. Deja Vu, the problem with the PF-created so-called districts is that late Sata didn’t know the difference btwn a fully-fledged district and a district project. The result is that money was spent paying a DC and other officials instead of spending such money building admin offices and other vital infrastructure. And supposed financial and economic experts like Alex Chikwanda and Bwalya Ng’andu allowed this to happen. No surprises that an unpayable debt was wht followed.

  2. #3 Nemwine..on the contrary this is practical decentralized administration. We had to travel 40 kilometers to our district in Luapula. Today after making one out post a district we are only traveling two kilometers. Eventually it will work. By the way you supporters of Upnd are confident that the imf program will develop our economy, so give the new districts a chance too.


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