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Kalaba threatens to Sue the Electoral Commission of Zambia

Feature Politics Kalaba threatens to Sue the Electoral Commission of Zambia

Opposition Democratic Party(DP) Harry Kalaba led faction has threatened to take legal action against the Electoral Commission of Zambia(ECZ) for refusing to accept nomination papers from their candidates in the forthcoming Kabwata Parliamentary by-election and Liangati and Sokontwe wards in western and Luapula provinces respectively.

According to Mr. Harry Kalaba, ECZ refused to accept nomination papers from DP candidates yesterday on grounds that the party had two rival camps.

Addressing the media this morning, Mr Kalaba said that the party is dismayed by the decision and has since decided to write to the commission over the matter.

Further, Mr. Kalaba said that depending on the ECZ’s response, the party will take the matter to the constitutional court as it feels the commission erred and disfranchised the electorate of candidates of their choice.

Mr. Kalaba argued that the matter which is active in the courts of law involves him in his individual capacity and has no bearing on the operations of the party.


  1. Kalaba is damn..He will never rule Zambia. We are not stupid he was part of the worst ruling party in the history of politics in Zambia. And yet he thinks he can convince us to give his party a vote. What a fool…I just threw up in my pants.

  2. What difference will it make if your candidate
    Participates? Save your time and money for
    Your other matters.The fight is between PF
    And UPND.You have your records of your
    Results in the last elections.

  3. I think I would support ECZ for the first time, reason being that the PF government allowed a lot of nonsense to be happening in the country, until August when people said enough was enough. Ba Kalaba put your house in order before you go and lie to the public. There is no way a man/woman who divorces after only 2 years in marriage would be prudent to advise a married couple of 23 years, that’s absurd and illusionnal.
    The new dawn government has made people go back to the drawing board, as such ECZ has done the same by following the regulations and laws of the commission and the republic of Zambia

    Thank you ECZ.

  4. Registrar of societies has records which state you are not an office bearer of your party so ECZ is just following the law. First you need to sort out your office bearers with registrar of societies then ECZ will have no quarrel with you.

  5. Kalaba was part of PF which promised more money in peoples pockets and for ten years there was no money but just hot air. He cant be trusted just like PF cant be trusted on any day

  6. My advice to Harry Kalaba and to politicians like him that they shouldn’t involve state institutions in their internal wrangles. It’s not the ECZ tht has divided the DP, neither can you hide your failed leadership in court processes. Your lies have caught up with you. Learn to resolve your political differences politically. The truth of the matter is that you hijacked a Party that you didn’t found. When wrangles emerged between Mutati and Mumba in the MMD, Mutati left and founded his own Party and that’s what men do. These problems won’t leave on their own. Have courage and face the other faction. Your position is weak because you didn’t found the DP. Just have courage and undergo the rigorous scrutiny by shushushu that those that register Parties go through

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