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You Promised No Caderism, but what is this, Kabwata Residents questions President Hichilema




  1. We warned you. You thought we were lying to you. Hh lied to you gullible desperate disgruntled youth. Cadreism was controlled under pf. Now you have a situation whereby an inaccurate picture is being peddled, which makes it even more dangerous.

    • Cadres are supposed to be campaigning, that is infact their main responsibility, not harrassing people in markets and bus stops the way PF cadres used to do. Campaigning is the primary responsibility, so if they are on the ground in Kabwata, that is good. Those out numbered and panicking must just relax.

  2. You live in f00ls paradise if you trust a politician. Now even the national money will be distributed through the kindness of the president… His excellence Dr Kaunda being the father of the nation has increased this and that. Dr FTJ Chiluba as a listening president has released money for pensioners. Dr Mwanawasa is very sympathetic to the people of Luapula Province and has built a bridge. Mr Rupiah Banda is a kind president and has increased civil servants salaries. Mr Sata is like a father and has done this, ECL has heard your cries and has distributed Higer buses to the youth. HH is a listening president and has released money for pensioners. The story continues.

  3. Mwebantu, the person you should be question is the Police Chief not HH, if anything HH should sack the police boss and put a boss who will end caderism. Bally means well for this country and he will surely deliver please give him time.

  4. Lusaka Times is something else now.. I recall how balanced their news was prior to 2011 elections. Immediately PF came in they changed.. 30 pieces of silver worked (PFs speciality).

  5. Why would displaying rival party symbols be an issue in a democracy? Isn’t Zambia a multi party democracy? Very embarrassing indeed.

  6. Those are PF thugs displaced from markets and bus stops wearing red…………

    The UPND does not tolerate caders to harasses Zambians ………..

  7. You haven’t seen violence yet. Through violence hh in State House. They committed violence wearing PF regalia.
    Behold the bye election is nigh.
    This is gonna hurt a little bit but your vote matters.
    Vote wisely now will you?

  8. #4 Tito Kapalu… The buck stops at whose door? People accused Lungu for everything committed by PF cadres, so what has changed? If anything Mr Hakainde has never condemned violence from the Upnd.

  9. When we say we have a conman in state house people doubt. It will surely be too late by the time the cult praise choir wakes up from their stupor created by vasco dagama.

  10. Baby President Bally is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. If long-legged Kajoba is not able to enforce the law against UPND thugs, the buck stops with Bally. Therefore, Bally will have to be blamed the same way ECL was blamed when PF cadres ran amok and caused mayhem.

  11. Most people were highly expectant of this government, and want it to succeed…even at this point! But, certain recent conduct, mirroring past unacceptable behaviour by a ruling regime, leaves one to wonder whether the leader on this watch is out of his depth, or, there are real powerful rogue elements within his government, intent on outdoing him. As otherwise, it doesn’t make sense that cadres should still be out terrorising people & thwarting democracy, when we were assured this would not happen – ever, on his watch? We need answers!

  12. Imwe kuil ma elections without cadres pa ground. Ndiye how? All parties have cadres on the ground campaigning which is very normal, infact that is the work of cadres, and not cadres harrassing people in bus stops and markets and getting council revenues. So if cadres wont campaign who will do it, stop misleading yourselves please, let cadres campaign without let or hindrance

  13. PF cadres joined UPND, so PF has no people on the ground, hence the PF crying as usual. Adding two tears, August 12 and Kabwata is tough for PF we know but it is what it is.

  14. Are Zambians truly this stupid and dumb or is it satire 24/7? Zambians please know the functions of the President. HH is not police.

  15. Its going to take time to rehabilitate these youths, some old men into good citizens. 10 years of PF violence can not be cured fast.

  16. The work of cadres is to campaign, so what is the issue here. Cadres are party agents, not hooligans as it was in the last regime

  17. Dumb Kabwata residents.You should know there’s police,Director of Prosecutions ,the AG and human rights organizations. HH is not law enforcement in himself.


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