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Nothing wrong with likening President Hakainde Hichilema to Vasco da Gama-Sean Tembo


Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) President Sean Tembo says there is nothing wrong with likening President Hakainde Hichilema to Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese Explorer.

Speaking when he featured on Hot FM’s “Hot Seat” today, Tembo said he likens the Head of State to the Portuguese Explorer based on his “appetite” to travel the world.

He said the only difference between the two is that Vasco da Gama had the resources to do so while President Hichilema is doing it on an empty treasury.

He said the President needs to cut down on the trips most of which the opposition leader deemed unnecessary and focus on bettering the lives of the majority Zambians.

Meanwhile, Tembo warned electorates against creating a monster by giving the Kabwata Parliamentary Seat to the ruling UPND.

He feared that making UPND “unnecessarily” strong in Parliament would eventually result to the formation of one party state.

The opposition leader said the UPND is already strong and that it doesn’t need anymore seats in parliament.

He said the PeP Parliamentary Candidate Henry Muleya is the only suitable candidate for Kabwata.

Tembo said the PF don’t stand a chance in Kabwata as they had an opportunity to make a difference within the 10 years they were in power.

He said PF can’t be vocal in Parliament because of the skeletons they have adding that PeP has no skeletons “that is why we are speaking authoritatively, what more if the people of Kabwata give us a vote.”

Meanwhile, Tembo said he genuinely wants President Hakainde Hichilema to succeed.

He said his critics are not out of hate.


  1. Enjoy freedom and liberty rarely known under PF regime – has PF paid Sean the bloody assault he suffered along Cairo road?

  2. This man is just petty …can he tell us how many trips the Presdent has had since mid August 2021? Of those which ones have been pointless.

  3. Toilet Advisor – You say vote so and so but when you are at Pollin station you have other ideas and he gets zero votes.

  4. Mr. Tembo – Sometimes it appears you are more interested in the comedy of primary school playground funny-boy antics rather than charting a clear strategy to becoming a potential future government.

  5. That said, there is nothing inherently wrong with a very strong ruling party as long they deliver, govern within the law and have the consent of the governed. Multi-party democracy is not an end unto itself. It is only a vehicle to creating a sustainable society that serves all its members well. At this point there is no alternative to UPND. Even at the risk of turning into a de-facto one party state, we still need to vote UPND. Until they screw up or we have a viable alternative.

  6. Meanwhile, Tembo warned electorates against creating a monster by giving the Kabwata Parliamentary Seat to the ruling UPND.
    He feared that making UPND “unnecessarily” strong in Parliament would eventually result to the formation of one party state.

    This seat was UPND before how can you be saying this? Sean you need a better strategy people of Kabwata are not fooooools have a lot of youth in that consitutency develop a strategy that brings them on board.

  7. Please, Sean Tembo, kindly note that there are so many ways of insulting someone. Labeling and name calling are both among several ways of insulting a person. Likening one person to another is an insult. That being so, you technically insulted Mr. H.H. when you likened him to Vasco Dagama. Mr. H.H. did not give you his permission to liken him to Vasco Dagama. My careful reading is that simply ask for permission from a person and, then weigh his or her response. In an even in which you are given permission to use the solicited information, the requested information can be employed within prescribed limits. Stop imposing your own reasoning on Mr. H.H. and expect him to worship both you and your kind. Cautiously read in-between your lines and edit your wholesale insults prior to submission…

  8. Please Zambians the word ELECTORATE has no plural, don’t say ELECTORATES IT IS WRONG. Electorate means ‘a body or group of voter or electors, the word is already plural. In simple terms, it means ‘ all the people in a country or area who are entitled to vote in an election’. Please don’t ever say ELECTORATES. The simple rule of English is that ‘never use a word if you don’t know what it means or use in the construction of a sentence.

  9. Mr Tembo did you analyse your zeroes you
    Got in the last elections?Why don’t you sit-down with your family for advice?

  10. Botswana Government fraudster aka Zero Sean Tembo, free advice if seriously contemplating on being the leader of a future national administration, “Rebrand your politicking style!”

  11. One has to admire Sean Tembo’s endurance & persistence.This Man is a TOTAL POLITICAL REJECT,A DISCARD.The people of Zambia Do Not listen to his message,he got 0.04% of Votes.
    For some that’s enough to retire from politics,but Not our Sean.
    Do something better with your 24 hours a day that we all get 0.04 % was a message

  12. Kainyokolola Zulu, I thought HH killed your smelly backside already! Wena Zulu u kanamunungu ka mutu, masipa tuna ahao.

  13. Where is Mutale Mwanza when we need her. Mutale come and put this poritician where he belongs. Chim ball teller

  14. By EMPTY COFFERS, Sean is simply asking the Hyped Hypocrite how he is able trot the globe if there were no funds available

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