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HH to head to Dubai to grace the Expo 2020 on January 20th

Economy HH to head to Dubai to grace the Expo 2020 on January...

Information and Media Permanent Secretary Kennedy Kalunga has said that President Hakainde Hichilema will grace the Zambian National Day on January 20, 2022, at the ongoing Expo 2020 Dubai.

Mr. Kalunga said this on the sidelines of the national day, the country is scheduled to hold a trade and business Forum under the theme doing business in Zambia whose objective is to showcase trade and investment opportunities.

Mr. Kalunga said that over forty Zambian companies are expected to participate as some are already at the expo in Dubai.

Zambia is among over one hundred and 92 countries that are at the Expo 2020 Dubai which commenced on October 1st, 2020, and is running up to March 31st, 2022.

The Expo is being held under the theme “Is connecting minds, creating the future”, and Zambia is exhibiting under the opportunity sub-theme with a country theme “Come to Zambia a land of peace and opportunities”.

Speaking in his capacity as Chairperson of the publicity sub-committee, Mr. Kalunga told Journalists at a media briefing in Lusaka today that the government has intensified efforts to enhance the country’s visibility and competitiveness at the global stage to attract investment.

He said the Expo aims to provide opportunities to look at how both advanced and emerging economies can work together and build new bridges to foster balanced equitable growth.

Mr. Kalunga said the government is delighted by the enthusiasm shown by Zambian companies to participate at the Expo.


  1. This one also. Watch this one. You can’t send a minister? Is this not what you sang against during pf tenure? The whole pf the presidency go to an expo? Looking for investors or what, you look like you are begging for investors, an expo sure our president

  2. Nothing wrong with a presido flying all over the world. Only problem is that the man is doing exactly what he used to condemn. I hope I also become president oneday …my first trip will be to accompany Bezos into space

  3. @Peter Griffin. This Expo started in October 2021. Why go there now and to do what? I was so disappointed with the Zambian Pavilion wished I hadn’t wasted my time. Doesn’t this man have more pressing national issues to deal with? Or as you have rightly pointed out, this is for his own personal interests paid for by the poor Zambian people

  4. Zambians were used to a president who is always dancing. I understand why you can not understand what HH is doing

  5. It always tempting to fly out of Zambia. He is a business minded president and so he grabs any opportunity that will help fix the economy

  6. @2 DejaVu
    My thoughts too let him globetrott….kikikikikiki Politicians yaba kuti waseka and he was busy criticizing Lungu and Rupiah Banda but it turns out he is doing it more and wasting tax payers money whilst Markets and bus stations have no public toilets

  7. ‘Zambia is among over one hundred and 92 countries that are at the Expo 2020 Dubai which commenced on October 1st, 2020, and is running up to March 31st, 2022.”…… The above is embarrassing to read. Please rewrite or go back to learn English and Maths – how not to mix numbers in digits and words as well understand the years.

  8. 1. HH is going to Dubai. 2. Ballot papers are printed in Dubai. 3. Adopted UPND candidate was not popular in Kabwata. 4. Kabwata by elections have been canceled under suspicious circumstances. 5. Chances are slim UPND will win the by elections even if New candidate is chosen. 6. Date for elections will be announced later. 7. Printed ballots will be destroyed. 8. New ballot papers will be printed, in Dubai. 9. Just thinking loudly.

  9. #8 Lobyolo

    1. HH is going to dubai 2. a lot of the looted money is in Dubai 3. Some are living in exile in Dubai and hiding there money 4. HH is meeting the Prince to look at investments for Zambai. 5. HH will negotiate to release the stolen money and extradite those who have stolen.6. HH will have no time to meet the printers regarding ballot papers. 7. Just thinking loudly;;;;

  10. He is chilling with RB too much. The old man liked international trips. Better anyway than a Ka chakolwa president hoarded up in Nkwazi House getting pissed all day. Those Zambians in Dubai need a boost from their president. Who is better suited to support Zambian businesses abroad, than the country CEO? Go on sir, i cant wait for your speech…..kikiki

  11. We have a conman in state house. If this trip was being taken by Lungu the praise worshippers would have been up in arms but now it is Vasco on the move they are mute.

  12. Bally will be the ONLY head of state attending the Expo 2020 in Dubai. No other PM, president, king or queen is wasting time and/or money for this very unpopular show. Bally likes these trips but for sure can’t justify the costs.

  13. Bally, please go. We elected you to make sound descisions and this one of you attending is a sound descion as it looks at economic matters. the decent economy which PF inherited from MMD was grounded by the incompetency of the rejected PF

  14. For what Mr. President sure. At a time when Covid-19 cases are spiking world over, the best response is a trip to an expo? Your office is too big to attend such an expo. Well, it’s not just the trip, he gets a hefty allowance for traveling. He’s desperately wanting to accumulate more allowances so he can pay back all the debt he owes his financiers while he was in opposition.

  15. When you look at Dubai You see Working created Industrial and economic Zones around the sovereigns build behind Oil and GAS We need more of those Economic Zones here in Lusaka like the famous Dubai Techno Park If he cannot also find solutions on our oil procurements then It will not be an important trip But as it Its a trip that can realize potential to Zambia especially networking at the expo When he attends we will wait to hear from what will be realized and say yes its was well participated in promoting Zambia as a favorable destinations for FDIs in sub-Saharan Africa especially looking at the ICTs competitive index in Africa rankings

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