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Setting up of the Economic and Financial Crimes Court will assist in the expeditious recovery of stolen assets

Headlines Setting up of the Economic and Financial Crimes Court will assist in...

Green Party Leader Peter Sinkamba says the setting up of the Economic and Financial Crimes Court by Chief Justice Mumba Malila will assist in the expeditious recovery of stolen public assets.

Mr. Sinkamba has said that the country’s judiciary is already overburdened with court cases and it could have taken longer than necessary to resolve such matters if the judiciary did not come up with this initiative.

He believes that Zambia’s judiciary has competent Judges capable of handling economic and financial crimes.

Chief Justice Mumba Malila has announced the establishment of the economic and financial crimes court at the level of a Subordinate Court.

Last Week, Chief Justice Mumba Malila announced that the Economic and Financial Crimes Court will soon be operational.

Justice Malila, State Counsel, stated that on Friday, January 7, 2022, he signed a Statutory Instrument (SI) that would establish an Economic and Financial crime division of the High Court with the purpose of handling appeals from its subordinate courts.

He said this during the ceremonial opening of the Lusaka High Court criminal sessions for 2022 with this year’s theme being: When patriotism meets justice.

Dr. Malila said that crimes of economic nurture should be expeditiously disposed of because of their immense effect on the Zambian economy.

He said that those found wanting should be accorded a chance to be answerable.


  1. Zambia did not use the eurobonds and Chinese loans to be a regional manufacturing and export hub because of over inflated costs of projects that feed PF corruption…………..

    There was stealing everywhere you look………..

    Forestry , ministry of health, mines…….you name it…

    Even in the security forces, by over priced imported uniforms……….

    This crimes court is especially needed……

  2. Garbage in garbage out! What a useless court this will be.
    Oh okay I see your nonsense now. If we have a problem with the constitution, just set up a constitutional court!
    You have a problem with corruption, set up a corruptional court!
    You have a problem with prostitution, set up a prostitutional court!
    You have a problem with the population, set up a populational court!
    I tell you what? This so called Economic and Financial court is total bu11st!+ if you care to know. A court is a court and blind to s+up1d prefixes. You think these are Ministries you create anyhow?

  3. Thanks. Just a decent question without malice, When do you realistically think you will have at least a section chairman some where in the country. Just probing so that we can have a lot of formidable real parties for democracy to thrive . Your party has been a shell for a long time, don’t you think if you had a real party your good ideas can blossom. Your observation is correct that the judiciary is already over burdened and misfiring

  4. Another political commentator this one. Lost track after trying to show off by paying Kampyongo’s illegal salaries. Turned from hero to villain over night. His ‘party” does not exist – fact

  5. LMBAO!
    Yeah! Me I want a Privatization Court or Is it Privatizational Court. Hh na Mm ililwena libange fye and guess what? Abebange basupporta. Hehehehehehe ati crime court. It sounds like duplication of efforts. Is this even constitutional. What’s the rationale?

  6. Economic and Financial Crimes what? Division or Court buwele wele fye. No naimwe. You’re just being overzealous for no apparent cause. Are our courts not adquate enough to handle even hh’s former privatization acts and its impact on our economy? I don’t support this move for the very fact that if the current crop of individuals in Government care enough, all they need to do is build capacity our existing courts. This looks like moves of an extremely unprepared, disappointed and incompetent government.

  7. All crimes affect the general wellbeing of the nation. Our aim should be to improve the justice delivery system in Zambia. At the moment it’s not responsive to the aspirations of many Zambians. How will we improve justice delivery when some court rooms at the Lusaka Magistrates Complex are still not occupied? Nowadays less than 4 Courts sit in a day. It’s either 2 or 3 when there are 12 court rooms. The High Court is still not present in all provinces. A Judge travels from Lusaka to hear cases in Chipata at intervals, the same applies for Luapula, North Western, Western, Muchinga & Northern. It still takes time to settle matters at the Small Claims Court. And I wish to caution that we tread carefully as we create these courts so that we don’t end up with confusion like that created by…

  8. This experimental Financial Court, are there more than 50 financial suspects in Zambia?
    Where are they going to find “real” judges? Those we read on LT like Simusamba?
    Ok then, start prosecuting the ACC.

  9. CJ, don’t get carried away with political agendas. All cases that go before the courts should be handled expeditiously to avoid infringing on peoples rights. Whether someone stole a chicken, or involved in Mukula, Corruption, Chigololo, armed robbery, treason etc should be given a fair and timely hearing. Just build capacity bwana. There are people who have been accused of stealing a chicken or armed robbery who are in remand awaiting trial for many years!

  10. This govt seems to be in a rush, and they are not applying due diligence to the decisions that they are making.
    Please just improve the Justice delivery system. We don’t have enough judges, courts and court rooms across the country and someone comes up with a Financial crimes court?
    Crimes are crimes, regardless of the nature.
    So what happens to this court when all the targeted former PF ministers have been tried?
    How will this be a fast track court when you still have to follow established Zambian laws and procedures, including the right to appeal to a higher court?

  11. Lusaka times, please try and use another picture for Sinkamba. I am personally tired of seeing this picture. Even when he talks some sense i tend to be against because of the picture.

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