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President Hichilema appoints Mary Chirwa as new Director-General of the DEC

General News President Hichilema appoints Mary Chirwa as new Director-General of the DEC

President Hakainde Hichilema has fired Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) Director-General Musonda Simwayi.

President Hichilema has since appointed Mary Chirwa as new Director-General of the DEC.

He says Ms. Chirwa brings a wealth of experience to the institution in areas of financial analysis and investigation.
President Hichilema has wished Ms Chirwa God’s blessings in her new role.

This is contained in a statement released to the media by Presidential Spokesperson Anthony Bwalya.


  1. Keep tweaking Bally, you will get it right. Who is going to lead FIC now? Since we are saving on fuel and zesco subsidies, why not recruit new young troopers in all the three agencies to create a bit of employment.

  2. So useless bally always criticised the appointment of independent officials by the executive and yet he is doing the same. He spoke against defamation of president laws and yet he is happy for people in opposition to be charged under them. So tell me this Zambians, where is the so called change you voted for ?

    Meanwhile here he is appointing one of his many concubines. Hh likes our left overs. Twali pitapo daddy

  3. Which is critical FIC or DEC?
    I view this as weakening FIC, I hope and trust, the new FIC head will be strong personality as was Mary Chirwa. Good work Mary Chirwa at FIC !!

  4. general Kanene – DEC has teeth and FIC just forwards data and activities to secruity wings ….this is a very good appointment plus she knows a lot of how these PEPs move and launder money.

  5. Someone above says Munir Zulu at work…really laughable…how can he be at work when he was trying to save his own skin, he publicly stated that he bribed ACC agents. I know realise how dull boys like Munir convince the electroate with lies and food donations.

  6. Zambians don’t know the difference between DEC and ACC.
    Look some idyots think DEC are ones arresting Bowman.

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