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Copperbelt business community concerned with increased reports of robbery and murder

General News Copperbelt business community concerned with increased reports of robbery and murder

The business community on the Copperbelt says it is concerned over the security situation in the province amid increased reports of robbery and murder.

A criminal, who was armed with two pistols, last month shot dead a Kitwe business executive of Asian origin at his home in Parklands as he demanded money.

The criminal, who is on the run, snatched K8, 000 cash from one of the victims, shot dead Karthik Limbachiya aged 23 while wounding Jikar Nai.

In a media statement, Ndola District Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NDCCI) President Paul Chisunka said Police and other security wings must urgently address the security situation in the province.

Mr. Chisunka said besides the Kitwe incident over the last couple of week’s companies, business executives, and defenseless residents have become targets for highly organised and armed criminals.

He said it was shocking that bandits are terrorising people even during day time.

“The Ndola & District Chamber of Commerce and Industry is extremely concerned about the serious security situation in Ndola, Copperbelt and country wide which needs to be urgently addressed by the Police and all relevant security apparatus. Over the last couple of weeks companies, business executives, and defenceless residents have become soft targets for highly organised and armed criminals,” Mr. Chisunka said.

“These bandits are terrorising us and staging daring attacks at night and in broad daylight with intent to steal and to kill. Already, a number of lives and property have been lost and this is very sad,” he stated.

Mr. Chisunka said criminal activities were denting Zambia’s reputation as a safe place to live and do business in.

He suggested that Police increase patrolling of trading places and residential areas.

“Aggravated robbery and thievery is an enemy to society and should be dealt with mercilessly because it cheapens human life and fractures investor sentiment.”

“We therefore ask the Police and other security and intelligence wings to step up their efforts so that security can be immediately heightened and guaranteed for all of us who live, work and do business in Ndola, the Copperbelt and all over Zambia. We need to see an increased visible and active presence of the Police patrolling trading places and residential areas round the clock,” he said.

“We should also see the results of undercover operations to smoke out criminals from hideouts and to identify and arrest those treasonous people who assist these criminals by feeding them with inside information,” Mr. Chisunka said.

He said security wings must ensure that people and their property are protected at all times.

“As business community we believe that a country’s people and their property should be protected at all times because this is a fundamental right in democratic and free market economies like Zambia. We will engage further with the Police and other authorities to see how we can work together to protect Zambia’s reputation as a safe place to live and do business,” Mr. Chisunka said.


  1. IMF and Nyudoni government at work….this is what happens when you over-promise now the youths feel cheated and hopeless….now it’s time to steal kill and destroy…..HH demagogue President you have blood on your hands

  2. @Nemwine LT’s reply is why bother when you can make money with less effort? Who will stop reading us even if we feed them with half-truths?

  3. It’s the Zimbabweans at play here. Their modus operandi is same like in South Africa. Unfortunately a lot of them have penetrated Zambia and definitely they have seen an opportunity because our police and intelligence systems have somehow become weak.

  4. Utopianite @ 5 and The Truth @ 8, both your posts contain elements of the truth. That’s the price u normally pay if u live nxt door to a failed state which is what Zimbabwe is close to becoming. ZANU-PF is just hanging on. Inflation in Zimbabwe is above 50% and joblessness is rife. The Ministry of Home Affairs through its Immigration department should tighten screening and monitoring of Zimbabweans it allows into Zambia.

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