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United Arab Emirates is critical for Zambia in achieving its agenda-HH

Economy United Arab Emirates is critical for Zambia in achieving its agenda-HH

President Hakainde Hichilema has said that the United Arab Emirates is critical for Zambia in achieving its agenda of resuscitating the economy anchored on trade and investment.

The Head of State said that his government has identified the location as strategic and his visit during the Dubai expo has confirmed that it is important to bring investment in order to create jobs and opportunities for the youth and women

Speaking to Journalists upon arrival from the United Arab Emirates where he went to attend the Investment exposition, President Hichilema said government focus on who to work with is clear given the domestic situation and want to actualize the potential by implementing projects.

And President Hichilema said the youth are central to his government Programme of work and objectives.

He said that his engagement with young people at the Dubai investment expo confirmed that the value of the young people is recognized globally and in Zambia they will be engaged so that they can network, share ideas and become full participants in defining their own future.

President Hichilema emphasised the need for the youth to have a say in the discussion around the creation of business and job opportunities.


  1. “President Hichilema said government focus on who to work with is clear given the domestic situation and want to actualize the potential by implementing projects…..”

    That isvwhat we have been calling for……

    Identify indiginous people and companies, if need be offer some training…………

    Not the scatter policies of PF , where apart from PF caders , anyone was suitable for free money………

  2. What is the reason for all these service chiefs being at the airport to welcome president is it necessary. Just a waste of man hours, fuel costs and unwanted traffic jams

  3. Only a failure can attribute the success of his country being dependent on another country. Only Zambians can develop Zambia. You must be very dull sir to think UAE gives a flying toss about Zambia. You are under 5 for a good reason.

  4. Ask yourself this question, if upnd weere generally performing well, then why haven’t upnd diasporans like f00Iish spaka and that big eared rat tarino moved back to join me here in zambia?

  5. This president doesn’t have any thing to offer to the Zambian people he has no direction.
    Who told him that zambia needs to depend on foreigners to develop.
    No country in this world has ever developed because of foreigners.

  6. Look at the UK based impostor talking about failure to succeed and dependence on another nation forgetting that LAZY LUNGU shamelessly went to China with his whole cabinet to borrow more than 8 billion dollars to come and spend it on inflated projects….anyway when one is an impostor they stand for nothing.

  7. Its saddening to still see grown Defence Chiefs leaving their bases and H/Qs to go and queue up for 2 minutes salute to welcome someone who has gone away for a few days….can you imagine the fuel used for all those people to get to KKIA? HH7 you talk of creating a Green Ministry as an achievement but you do the opposite…when are our Presidents going to stop this insecurity? What is so difficult about just landing at Lusaka Airport and getting on a Chopper to State House

  8. As predicted previously, HH did not meet ANY other heads of state, not even the rulers of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. He saw just some minor sheikhs. No other heads of state bothered wasting time visiting the Expo. And the UAE critical for Zambia? While they imported less than one million dollars last year? And less than TEN Emiratis visited Zambia as tourists? The word “critical” seems rather overdone, don’t you think Bally? At least you left those daft “musungu” gloves at home…….

  9. And Bally, next time when you leave the country for more than five minutes, you can tell the service chiefs not to bother coming to the airport to greet you. Waste of time, fuel, the climate and I don’t believe it when you tell me those chiefs came out of their own free will! And your visit to UAE achieved NOTHING!

  10. I don’t like youths. Youths are cadres.
    Just open up factories please and stop nonsense.
    Don’t forget to fire Akafumba.

  11. Not until Zambians see benefits from the mineral exports, there’s no need to continue with foreign investment in mining or any other resources. We are a porous country without courage to plug those holes. Unless HH is brave enough to suspend any such investment, until we enact a Constitution with adequate safeguards to empower Zambians and protect our resources, it’s a fool’s errand to go around inviting vultures into our country. HH and his government has to recognise that fact immediately. They leave nothing for us but develop their countries, using money we should’ve had. Think Vedanta!

  12. HH7 what are you going to do with the $70m (market price) Gulf-Stream G650 which is more superior than the Bomdardier 9J-One …you can not be sidelining it even though its a product of Lazy Lungu’s corruption as its has a bigger passenger capacity and better range than the 9J-one..belongs to taxpayers. You better tackle this issue either let ZAF sell it or start using it.

  13. Zambians want to know what you signed and
    Benefits for your trip.Bally should have negotiated for cheaper oil to bring down fuel
    From K21.

  14. Ah ba Pulezidenti! Just because you are there?? You are doing all the silly things Lungu used to do. Like sucking up to potential bribers.

  15. As big as they are being made to look like school children on parade. This outdated ritual should be stopped. You are embarrassing us. Some of these generals can’t even stand for a few minutes never mind going to battle.

  16. What’s the cost of these trips and how beneficial was this one to the ordinary poor Zambian? Can someone tell me, operationally or tactically, what’s the immediate benefit for the WHOLE president to pull off this one? At the core of it, there’s nothing NEW about the New Dawn Government because we have seen these antics and how retrogressive they are. Politicians are hypocrites.

  17. It’s important that service chiefs are present upon the President’ departure and arrival. Those are the instruments of power Lungu had sleepless nights for. Some intel is better getting it first hand, straight to the head of state. That’s why they have a vip area also where debriefing goes on there too. Protocol.

  18. @UPND cadre from Ngombe compound lsk, if he needs first hand intel, then let them get on the plane to talk to him or they should get a room. We don’t want to see their strange ritual because it saves no purpose and is more a security risk. This is like putting all our eggs in one basket. If someone wanted to take out our command structure, all they need to do is wait for the next presidential trip.

  19. Upnd cadre – the Presidential jets are equipped with state of art communication …he can be debriefed in the air. Please don’t justify wastage.

  20. @FutureZed, good point. Sometimes you have demands that you need to get to the man in person without having to go through statehouse people and protocol. The future of Zed is bright!

  21. Are you censoring my comments? If Sean Tembo can utter his nonsense here, why do feel my legitimate comments shouldn’t be allowed?

  22. Good to see southern wise man HH focused on the economy after 10yrs of PF nonstop downward economic indicators.

  23. We act like a territory.

    “Toyota model of all time, the Land Cruiser was born in the fifties, but its origins can be traced back to the Second World War when the Japanese military ordered the carmaker to build a four-wheel-drive light utility vehicle capable of rivaling the legendary U.S.-made Jeep.” That’s what states do, territory looks to others,

  24. Look these pf cadres above , did u want the president to only go and dance in Dubai, spend our tax in expensive hotels and shopping then come back quietly, which is what yo Edgar alway did. Now you ve a President who for the first time in the history of Zambia, signed a memorandum of understanding with the UAE chamber of commerce – do u even know what this means for an ordinary small Zambian businessman. It means Zambians can’t only go to Dubai for pleasure only but for Business, there is now a stake for them shared in the business circles of that country and it’s now official.

  25. This is known as laying the foundation. HH layed the first foundation in the US, later UK Glasgow and now UAE. Let alone he has already created a market for our goods in Congo and surrounding. It’s now up to u lazy keyboard bums to start producing & manufacturing high class goods as, clearly, the world is now positively opening up for you. HH is telling them “Zambia is a country & it can produce”. Ready market for u bums

  26. Grassroots should be included & consulted before hand. No more behind the doors deals, ultimately, exclusion of the concerned.

    No more accepting hand outs. We better than that.

    Understandably, positive growth takes long to occur.

    Motherland & its nations ought to complete change its methodology on how it execute it’s capacity building.

    We need to initiate working within our motherland nations parameters. #Enoughisenough

  27. We needed feedback on this Investments promotions though on What deals sealed We expect to Zambia How many Investors visited the Zambian stand and hopefully how much of those interests are to likely translate in sectors such as Tourism Agricultural Fintech and Financials,Energy and renewables Minning and other industrials but remember the startergies should be to house them here

  28. They already have a mapping and rankings in Africa so what you do is to Invest in Infrastructure and critical economic areas to have a better area of preference as it is we have made progress in areas like airports and economic zones connectivity and Energy including soft areas in stem The Investments promotions must point to that and more to be achieved apart from politics or other it’s about progress on the economy okay see Gone!!

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