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Mbita Chitala urged to report alleged corrupt activities in his book to investigative wings

General News Mbita Chitala urged to report alleged corrupt activities in his book to...

Former ZESCO board chairperson Mbita Chitala has been urged to report the alleged incidences of corruption highlighted in his latest book to investigative wings.

In his book entitled “Corporate Capture, the Political Economy of Electricity Management in Zambia 2014-2021”, (How Not to Manage a State Enterprise), Dr. Chitala has made numerous allegations of corruption in the energy sector involving former Patriotic Front government officials.

University of Zambia Historian Professor Bizeck Phiri is appealing to Dr. Chitala to report those he has mentioned of being involved in corrupt activities to relevant authorities if he has evidence.

Prof. Phiri says this will help the institutions such as the Police, Drug Enforcement Commission, and the Anti-Corruption Commission to be able to make follow-ups on the allegations.

He has told the local radio station QFM in an interview that it is not enough to put the allegations in a book because of the nature of the topics he is talking about.

And Social Scientist Innocent Kolala believes for Dr. Chitala to put such allegations on paper is an indication enough that he has evidence and can prove his allegations in the courts of law.


  1. Dr Derrick Mbita Chitala is just an attention seeker and a liar. He is a rubble rouser who is just seeking employment from New Dark Government.He had all the opportunity to sue corrupt elements but waited for this time to incite the masses through lies. He is very clever because he is just repositioning himself for employment. These are elements who rise the corporate ladder through lies.

  2. If Mbuya Chitala wanted to report to DEC, he knows where and how. However, he chose to write a book for posterity to judge.
    Not everything has to be reported; it serves as an eye opener for all to see with discerning eyes.

  3. The onus is the same investigative wings to follow up the issue especially what happened after Chitala was no longer chairman….why do we always sideline whistle-blowers.

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