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Three illegal Miners have been buried alive


Three illegal Miners have been buried alive after the pit under which they were digging gold collapsed on them in Chisamba.

Chief Government Spokesperson Chushi Kasanda said that the incident happened Thursday around 24 hours in Yumba village in Kamano area under Chief Chamuka in Chisamba District.

Ms. Kasanda said that the victims are Darius Mwelwa aged 32 of Lusaka, Moses Sekele 35 and the other unidentified.

She said that their bodies have since been exhumed. Ms. Kasanda said that government deeply regrets the death of the three and has advised people to avoid engaging in illegal mining because of the danger it poses on their lives.

She has further called on the police to stop illegal mining activities across the country.

Below is the full statement


Government has learnt with deep-regret and sorrow the death of three people at an illegal gold mine in Chisamba.

According to the police, the deceased who were miners at the illegal gold mine died after the pit they were digging gold from collapsed and buried them alive.

The incident happened around 24:00 hours yesterday in Yumba village in Kamano area under chief Chamuka in Chisamba district of Central province.

The three bodies of Darius Mwelwa aged 32 of Lusaka and Moses Sekele, 35 and another unidentified victim, have since been exhumed.

Government deeply regrets the death of the three and wishes to advise people to avoid engaging in illegal mining because of the danger it poses on their lives.

Government further calls on the police to stop illegal mining activities wherever and whenever they occur, as cases of people dying at such mines are becoming rampant.

I convey Government’s condolences to the bereaved families.

Issued by:
Hon. Chushi Kasanda, MP
Minister of Information and Media and Chief Government Spokesperson
11th February, 2022


  1. The minister of Mines was very vocal when he was appointed. Surprisingly, he has gone quiet . The ministry on auto -pilot.

  2. So there is Gold in Chisamba? I dont blame these people I would do the same if I was them butin a safer way.. its get get rich or die trying …they just need to reinforce the walls but they are too eager.
    Plus why is the Govt Spokewoman announcing death of three illegal miners…leave this to the police. We want to know the issue on Forest 27 and cancelling of mining in Lower Zambezi

  3. How did they know that the illegal miners died around 24hrs, who was there to check and know the exact time when the miners died. Is there or was there any eye witness who could even check the time when the miners died.

  4. It’s a very sad development. The Ministry of Mines isn’t moving at the same pace as the discovery of valuable minerals and stones. The Minister is working in old phase, he wakes up in the morning takes breakfast and gets to the office at 9hrs. He reads newspapers and whatever gossip the whole morning. At 11hrs he scratches his balls until lunch time. When he returns to work after lunch there’s little time to work. The Mines Safety Department waits for reports, they’re not proactive. There are many unreported deaths in Chingola and Chililabombwe where young artisanal miners are buried often as rocks cave in. The UPND must realize that they’re dealing with a new generation that’s impatient and requires very proactive leadership

  5. Is this what you people call minister of information : she only comes out to make unverified hearsays instead of explaining Gvnmnt policy. This position has been vacant since the day she couldn’t read a speech live on television. No communication with the people whatsoever, but she ll find time to launch a a foreign owned carwash at ZNBC instd of launching a newsroom. No wonder people blame HH or having few women in GRZ-look this woman!

  6. UPND has only been in Gvnmnt for 6months and if you ask any Zambians esp those civil leaders-they are complaining but question is, even them in their own capacity what is it that they achieved tangibly in 6months? In their own lives? Zero – nothing! And yet they want HH to give them 18million jobs in 6months – are these falling from a tree? Worse of all, the GVNMNT is bankrupt, over debted, so shd GRZ give you jobs or pay debts. And when GRZ goes to borrow money to invest in jobs or pay the debt they are the first to complain – ey, IMF this that. So none of these *****s mean well for UPND succeed that are all against- so I praise Imenda for telling them off “we didn’t sign a social contract” and yes UPND didn’t sign with anyone for you to claim entitlement. Start your own party, win an…

  7. So funny…
    24 hours is midnight to you right?
    They were digging in a night shift, in rain season. Hoo maybe gold glitter at night.

  8. Step Aside-Silently – If HH7 wanted a qualified and smart UPND MP in National Assembly he would have picked at least one woman from his back bench but he chose this girl, I think her husband must have been a fundraiser for the party. You can not have such a useless individual driving your govt’s policies…even better the consitution allows him to nominate people from outside.

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