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Government to redefine trade policy


Government has reaffirmed its commitment to restructure, reposition and redefine the role that trade plays in the development equation of the country.

Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry Permanent Secretary Chawe Chuulu observed that this is in recognition that trade plays in reducing poverty and inequality that most countries are faced with.

Mrs. Chuulu notes that this is why there is need for concerted efforts in redesigning policies targeted at addressing these issues.

ZANIS reports that Mrs Chuulu aws speaking in a speech read for her by Director Foreign Trade in MCTI Bessie Chilemu during a two days media seminar in Lusaka today.

Mrs Chuulu explained that her Ministry has plans to establish a clear and coherent trade facilitation approach which will enhance trade for both small and large traders.

She said the objective of trade facilitation is to reposition the country to gain competitiveness in the domestic, regional and international markets through various interventions.

She cited the upgrading of the Chirundu, Mwami and Nakonde One Stop Border Posts (OSBP), addressing the low uptake and implementation of Coordinated Border Management (CBM) principles, inadequate legal framework on trade facilitation and lack of equipment at three border posts among others.

The PS however, stated that without proper information dissemination all the expected outcome will not be achieved hence the need for the media to be proactive when it comes to reporting on trade and integration matters.

She said it is for this reason that the media seminar will enhance the relationship between the journalists who write on trade and integration and sources of information on the need to highlight the changes that are taking place in trade and development spaces.

Mrs Chuulu has since urged the participating journalists to strengthen their reporting and make follow-ups on various trade facilitation and regional integration subjects for the benefit of the general populace.

Earlier the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Assistant Secretary General, Kipyego Cheluget has expressed concern on the low levels of reporting on trade and business related issues among the media in Zambia

Ambassador Cheluget explained that despite the topic being key in fostering economic development in the country, only a few journalists have taken interest to report on the subject thereby denying the public the right to information on trade facilitation and regional integration.

He stated that this is why there is a need for the media to take a paradigm shift and ensure that business and trade related stories are made to compete favourably with other sectors such as politics.

He added that to this effect, COMESA will continue to support and partner with media houses and individual journalists that have shown interest to consistently write on trade and region integration subjects.

The two days seminar has drawn participation of journalists from print, electronic and online media houses in Lusaka.


  1. You only think about the traders. Start thinking about the CONSUMERS, they are ALWAYS on the receiving end. You increase mealie meal prices: farmers happy but consumers are worse off. You stop import of potatoes and onions: farmers happy but consumers get bad quality produce at twice the price! And there are a LOT more consumers than farmers!

  2. That’s right complete reconfiguration is needed. Everyone is fighting for the few govt jobs when more jobs can be created from business and trade. You also need to negotiate for job quarters with some rich countries, even if this involves picking of strawberries. Remittances are an invisible export.

  3. ” Kipyego Cheluget has expressed concern on the low levels of reporting on trade and business related issues among the media in Zambia” A very good observation. The country needs well informed citizens to move forward.

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