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Zambia had a system that looked for good students wherever they they came from-Chiwala


Respected engineer Bernard Chiwala says Zambia has adequate resources that can be used to change its economic landscape and become a prosperous nation.

Eng. Chiwala, the former Road Development Agency (RDA) chief executive officer, named mineral resources, human resources and improved Agriculture as some of the things that can make Zambia a prosperous nation.

The board chairperson of the Lusaka Multipurpose Cooperative Society (LAMCS) said Zambia has more resources that can be utilized to pay back the current national debt.

The experienced engineer is currently promoting the growing of avocado for export in his capacity as board chairperson of the Lusaka Multipurpose Cooperative Society (LAMCS).

Eng. Chiwala further called for merit in the utilisation of national resources.

“The debt levels we have at the moment compared to the resources we have is nothing. Sir, (Franklyn Tembo) I do know for a fact that this country is a gold country. We have gold almost all over the place. Let’s have that gold as a national strategic asset and only give institutions like ZCCM to manage it so that we can get the most out of gold, out of it and raise money and also use it as a reserve in the Bank of Zambia. That we can do, see what Botswana has done with their diamonds. Diamond is a strategic asset in Botswana we must do likewise and manage it well. Put the best people there you can find,” Eng. Chiwala said in a recent interview with ZNBC TV.

“If Zambians are in Ontario, bring them back if they are the best. The whole issue of meritocracy is a missing ingredient. I will give you an example of one country which is a leading producer of avocado globally: Mexico. One crop per year Three Billion Dollars, how much is our debt? 14 Billion, say 15 Billion. 3 Billion Into 15 Billion. In under five years from one crop, if we work hard on one crop, I am not talking about macadamia, cashew nuts or walnuts which are also of a very high value. We can change the economic landscape and make this nation the envy of the nations. Zambia has everything, we can do it but what we need to put up at the forefront is meritocracy. Reward merit, have the best people in all the places. That is what is going to transform Zambia; I have learnt from Singapore, Singapore is a tiny country that is 1000 times smaller than Zambia but look at how they catapulted from backwardness and squalor. In 1964 their economy and Zambia you could not even compare. Today they have in excess of Three Hundred Billion Dollars in the reserves,” Eng. Chiwala said.

“Tiny country, you can finish going throughout the country in a few hours but what did they put at the centre? Meritocracy puts a high premium on educating their own people so that they have the best education and then bring them into the civil service, the public service and the best people. The likes of Prof. Clive Chirwa, put them in strategic institutions. Just the best and give them space to do their work and to do it well and reward them well. The benefits that will accrue to our country will be tremendous in a very short period of time,” he said.

Eng. Chiwala added:”I will speak for myself, without the scholarship I got from ZCCM in 1984; I would have been a village today chasing rabbits. I didn’t know anyone. I just got this after my grade 10, I got this letter that I have been given a scholarship. I didn’t have to know a PS (Permanent Secretary), I didn’t have to know a minister. We had a system in this country which we lost, that looked for good students wherever you are whether you are in Shang’ombo or you are in Chinsali. That is what we must bring back, meritocracy, meritocracy, and meritocracy.”


  1. Zambians, it’s always all just cheap talk but zero on delivery. You chaps are bewitched, mwa potoloha tucacani, twa munyonga.

  2. I agree with Bernard. By the way, since Bernard left Nkana Water & Sanitation Company it has never been the same. Kitwe residents don’t even know whether they’ll have water or not. Sewer effluent runs for weeks within the CDB. All Kitwe streams are conveyors of sewer effluent despite residents paying a % of their water bills as sewer charge. The billing system is a fraud that requires an immediate audit. Meter readings are recorded every month but they don’t tally with the bills. Workers climb tanks to check the water level because nothing works. The day one would fall into those reservoirs is the day Bally will crack the whip, but should we wait for a disaster in order to correct things?

  3. Isn’t it funny that a mechanical engineer with a good degree will upon retirement or retrenchment start a fashion boutique instead of a motor workshop? This is very common in Zambia and that’s why we have not benefitted from the investment goverment has been putting in our education. In the long run people will stop looking for GOOD STUDENTS because there are no benefits for the nation.

  4. I heard him on Sunday interview.

    This guy has a brilliant mind and we need more like him. In fact he would be the ideal Min of Agriculture.

  5. Yes I agree. Am a beneficiary of this education system that acknowledged talent and intelligence. Picked from some primary school (Isoka) in 1976 to David Kaunda Sec. Tech. School and another scholarship in 1981 to study in Europe (Germany). Thank you KK. and may your soul rest in peace Sir.

  6. Meanwhile hh is sending acc to harrass innocent old people like my father chikwanda who suffered stroke. Should he die his blood is on hh. Remember he is royalty and if you kill royalty you will die like a chicken. Chizafa

  7. Put this man in charge of all upcoming Cannabis growing projects in Zambia, even those under ZNS, and I tell you this sector will be a multi $billion cash generator in the nation soonest because we will be a top Cannabis producer and tell me one crop where there is easy $ cash…its Cannabis. Mr HH , let’s bring in passionate and best brains like the Chiwalas and Chirwas to be architects of our economy and positive economy change will be visible within few years

  8. Respected, honorable, papa … the works. This is also why there is mediocrity in our country. What do all these acclamations really mean?

  9. I regularly buy those same avocados said to be worth billions of $£. In size and taste, they don’t even come close to the fleshy succulent Zambian avocados I recently got from a Lusaka market. The taste was so deliciously exceptional, I went back for more – only to be told they had sold out! I asked where they came from – was told Kabwe! Kabwe people, get in touch with Tesco and Sainsbury’s UK – you could have a share of the billions!

    #plant a tree please!

  10. PF let Fake universities mushroom and encouraged them at the expense of quality . The culture of dishonest had become engrained. You saw year after year, exam malpractices especially at grade 12 and in most of these universities and colleges. It is not surprising to see Medical Doctors who cannot find jobs, because it was unheard off in those days. If these doctors were really true talent , they could have easily found employment abroad.

  11. Good suggestion but please stop this practice of putting ENG in front of engineers names. That only happens here and is not a worldwide practice. The correct way is to put your name followed by the abbreviation of your degrees.


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