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Chief Mumena asks UPND Government not to politicize traditional leadership


Chief Mumena of the Kaonde speaking people of Kalumbila district in North-Western Province is praying that the current government will not politically disadvantage culture and tradition.

Speaking at his Lubinda capital in Kalumbila when Provincial Permanent Secretary, Grandson Katambi paid a courtesy call on him yesterday, Chief Mumena said a nation that has no culture is a dead nation.

“We will not complain of how we were treated, most of the issues we are going to handle were actually politically insinuated…I just pray that your government will be different in these matters and that you will be a good partner to us and you will not do anything politically to disadvantage or kill custom, tradition and culture,” he said.

Chief Mumena also said he is aware of the President’s vision to assist the poor and advised that civil servants must put service above self.

“We know the President has started rolling out funds to the poorest of the poor and it is my prayer that those of you that are working with him will also facilitate the Presidents’ vision of making sure that the poor receive a fair share of the budget…it is my prayer that you as controlling officer of this province is also going to encourage the colleagues that you work with the same mandate that serves other people, service above self,” he said.

Chief Mumena assured the Permanent Secretary that traditional leaders in the province will endeavour to bring honour and glory to the province.

“I want to assure you as Chairperson of the Provincial Council of Chiefs that my committee and indeed the rest of the chiefs are well able and ready to deliver and we shall bring honour and glory to this province…this province will also be a leading example that as humanity we can do well,” he said.

Chief Mumena also appreciated road projects that are yet to be undertaken in the province and described them as worthwhile.

“We appreciate the road projects coming to the province…the connectivity with the Congo, Namibia and Angola is worthwhile. We are going to ensure that we support you on this because this can only bring more wealth to this nation and beyond,” he said.

And Col. Katambi, who is in the district to familiarise himself with traditional leaders, called for unity among them for the sake of development.

“These developments that the President is talking about may not come if there is no unity amongst us… we feel you can play that pivotal role in trying to bring our traditional leaders together and try to make them see what we are missing and what we can get or gain on what we are missing, therefore, I have come to you your royal highness with a son’s plea because it affects me as well because I want to see a North-western which is better than I found it,” he said.

Col. Katambi also seized the opportunity to explain pending developmental projects in the province.

“The President knows that we have been lagging behind, he wants to deliver and he started with the dual carriageway, by April this year the equipment will start rolling in… in phase one the road will start from Chingola to Mutanda. In phase two, he has the plan to connect Solwezi to Namibia through chief Kasempa and then from there another investor has already been found to start work from Mutanda all the way to Jimbe to connect us to Angola,” he said.

Col. Katambi also disclosed that a memorandum of understanding has been entered into with Kolwezi in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) so as to connect Solwezi to Lualaba province in the DRC.

“All this is coming due to the pressure that is coming from our neighbours. As you may be aware, Kasumbalesa border post is choked, goods and services are not moving and pressure is coming from our colleagues because of that, these projects will be seen to be moving at supersonic speed and we also stand to benefit,” he said.

Col. Katambi also appreciated the traditional leader for his sound leadership and the role that he plays in the governance of the country and the province in particular.


  1. Why are chiefs not honest? Go to the past, all you will find are praises for the government of the time. We over one thousand tradition rulers in the country and each one wants to get front seat treatment.

  2. Its you the chiefs who politicize the traditional leadership by taking sides and telling your subjects to vote for a particular candidate during elections. You are supposed to be neutral and welcome everyone into your palace regardless of which party they belong to but because of brown envelopes you even want to declare your kingdom as a no go area for opposition.

  3. This is the 21st century Chiefs should have a cermonial role only
    they are a drain on the countries coffers

  4. Has he been lying under a rock? Because this is already happening under upnd. Today I welcomed 20 upnd defectors in kabwe


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