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Polio outbreak could be looming in Mafinga following cases in neighboring Malawi


The Ministry of Health in Mafinga district in Muchinga Province has alerted the residents of a Polio outbreak in the neighboring Malawi.

This was disclosed during an Epidemic Preparedness meeting that was held in the District Council Chambers last Friday.

Mafinga District Health Director Philip Munkonge said that as a result of the outbreak in Malawi, government will be undertaking a National Oral Polio Vaccination (OPV) campaign.

Dr. Munkonge said that the vaccination will be done in four rounds adding that the first round will see the vaccination of children under the age of five from Muchinga, Lusaka and Eastern provinces.

He further stated that the campaign will be carried out over a period of four days from the 24th to 27th March, 2022 and that it is going to be a door to door campaign adding that the vaccine can also be accessed at health facilities.

Dr. Munkonge explained that it is important for Mafinga district to carry out mass vaccination as the district borders Malawi and chances of the outbreak spreading into Mafinga district are high.

“There is a high interaction rate between the two countries as people from both countries cross borders every day as a result the disease could easily be spread,” he said.

The Health Director has encouraged parents to get their children under the age of five vaccinated against polio as a sure way of protection as there is no known cure for polio.

“Unfortunately, there is currently no known cure for Polio so the only sure way of protection against Polio is getting vaccinated against it,” he said.

On Thursday 17th February 2022, the Republic of Malawi alerted the Zambian government through the Ministry of Health of the polio outbreak indicating that a confirmed case of a three year old girl of Lilongwe had been recorded.


  1. I thought polio was now confined only to Afghanistan and those other remote counties where people are discouraged to take their kids for immunization on suspicion of “Western poisons”?

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