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As Speeches of Reconciliation were being Read at RB funeral, My Farm was being Searched and dug


AS fourth Republican President Rupiah Banda was being put to rest and speeches of reconciliation were being read, my farm was searched and dug by investigative wings who had gadgets with a view of detecting things like safes which contained money, former Patriotic Front Chairperson Samuel Mukupa has mourned.

Mr Mukupa said he was shocked that there was too much hypocrisy because investigative wings were unleashed on him while the public were being given an impression that the country was on the path of reconciliation.

He said that the team did not find anything but that they raided the farm with sophisticated gadgets that no one had seen and did not know how they functioned.

Mr Mukupa said since the gadgets were sophisticated the officers could have been looking for something else which was unknown to everyone.

“The gadgets were electronic, the type that you could use to detect some metal objects. I was not around so I got this information from my workers,” he said.

He said he was still in the dark about the two searches at his farm because the joint investigative wings only produced search warrants and did not inform the workers on what they wanted.

Mr Mukupa said that it was unfortunate that the team of investigative wings that dug up his farm came with metal detectors meant to detect metal objects.

Mr Mukupa said that the search warrant was vague and that it did not explain what exactly they were looking for, which was very unfortunate.

He said they told his wife on phone that they had gone to the farm this time to dig out whatever they think was hidden underground.

Mr Mukupa said he did not want to speculate on what it is they wanted but that he was shocked that they pounced on him at a period when the country was mourning the death of fourth republican president, Mr Rupiah Bwezani Banda.


  1. Reconciliation doesn’t mean you let thieves off the hook. We will continue talking about unity & love BUT also continue to hold those that stole accountable. Don’t be fooled by the ND govt’s patience. The wheels of justice turn very slowly but once the long arm of the law catch up with you, there is no sympathy.

  2. Zambians are yet to see the other side of Hakainde.

    Hakainde will be the worst president Zambia will ever see. He will reduce all your businesses in the name of fighting corruption. Searching a farm without the owner. Investigative wings are so dull.

  3. Badala………

    There is no rest from the fight against corruption and stealing………

    Funeral or not……….

    The fight must go on………..

  4. There were too many dull people in PF that is why even the looting was uncontrollable. Mr Mukupa,the president and other government officials have no powers to stop law enforcement officers from investigating so if you are being investigated don’t expect the president to interfere in the name of reconciliation. The president can only come in after you are convicted and sentenced.He can the pardon you.
    Bushe namano yaipipafye ifyo fine mwaipipa

  5. Mr Mukupa why should a funeral stop law
    Enforcement agencies to stop doing their
    Work?Does it mean that when we get together to mourn all the cases we have are
    Squashed?Law enforcement agencies are
    Working independently.No hypocrisy.

  6. Who ever told him that when there is a funeral investigations must not be carried out. Any they are still coming back for you. Who told him that investigative wings need reconciliation? There is no strife for people to reconcile only those who stole and are been investigated want reconciliation. Let the law do it’s course of action. Naba ACC and friends we need to see people been taken to court and convicted naba samwa saana.

  7. Perfect timing, searching premises during a funeral. Those PF thieves are finally getting hooked! Now, at the next funeral, go and get Edgar China Lungu and his loot! There will be a LOT!

  8. What a warped up way of thinking! They want the occasion to be used to launder them. Reconciliation does not mean to set the thieves and criminals free.

  9. The gravity of how mediocre the PF government was is now playing out in full view. To think that criminality can be excused and explained away by the single word “hypocrisy” is just amazing. Did these guys believe that they would be immune from investigation after mismanaging the affairs of the nation (and their own personal lives) so carelessly? Ine nikali kudabwa bwana!

  10. Who told you that reconciliation means that the properties that you are suspected to have stolen can not be searched. Reconciliation does not mean that those who are suspected to have committed crimes must be let scot free, including those that are suspected to have committed financial crimes against the people of Zambia thereby downing the economic prosperity of this country and making our country to be heavily indebted, grow up iwe. ACC should continue searching you, your farms, yopur accounts, and everything about you, including the father of corruption.

  11. I criticize the Nyudoni on many things but on this one bwana mukupa you have boobed. People have been arrested even at the funeral houses, at the grave yard etc. Bodies of suspects have been exhumed to confirm their identity. There are no boundaries. The only thing you can complain against is if it’s proved that the action is out of vengeance.

  12. kkkkkk people are calling others thieves but no one has been arrested, is this normal or abnornal? Pa zed napena too much mangwams,When are we going to develop this country.

  13. President HH please when are these thieves being locked up??? We are tired of hearing so and so has been arrested only to be set free on bail.
    We need convictions, jail time!!!! And reposses all stolen property and money

  14. @ 12 since ni since. Slowly but surely, we’ll get there. Miss musonda’ loot went to pay for Uni students. Lubinda’ loot will be put to good use too. We already smiling money from Lubinda, 3 accounts in USD. After 5 years of questioning, freezing accounts, arrests, bail and many other deeds to be done to the looters, we’ll be able to see a difference.

  15. This is how the pf crooks will be playing it. They didn’t want reconciliation themselves as they were looting and devidig the country. Nw thy ar talkig of reconciliation so that they ar let free. Thats nosemse..

  16. Reconciliation simply means that you will be treated with dignity by the investigators, not special treatment. Endure Sir.

  17. No wonder the Notorious Patriotic Front aka N.P.F bankrupted the Nation & took us back 30 years “in reverse”!
    Ati “we were mourning, law enforcement should have stopped for the week”
    With this N.P.F rotten mindset, I’m sure they would stop government businesses, law enforcement e.t.c, whenever there was some Cadres funeral, President J0nathan was outside the country, or even playing & visiting his favourite tavern.
    The only time N.P.F members never stopped was when they were plundering & w0m@nising!

  18. In fact I still remember when ba J0n@than Chak0lwa, then drunk with absolute power & Kachasu, Chimpyongo + fellow P.F Goon bandits sent their Cadres in law enforcement uniforms to search H.H’s brother in Law’s farm. They never found anything, as this was just a ploy to intimidate, harass & break H.H’s will, moral & resolve!
    I NEVER HEARD MUKUPA OR ZAYELL0 COMPLAINING ONE BIT ABOUT SUCH STATE SP0NSORED T3RR0RISM ON A LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, who’s only sin was to exercise his right as a Zambian citizen to aspire for the highest office.
    Tu Piyefu ndiye tu ma T0P cry baby hyp0crites!

  19. In f@ct I still rem3mber when b@ J0n@than Chak0lw@, then drunk with abs0lute p0wer & Kachasu, Chimpy0ngo + fellow P.F G0on bandits sent their C@dres in law enforcement uniforms to search H.H’s br0ther in Law’s farm. They never f0und anything, as this w@s just a pl0y to intimidate, harass & break H.H’s will, m0ral & res0lve!
    I NEVER HEARD MUKUP4 0R Z4YELL0 COMPLAINING ONE BIT AB0UT SUCH STATE SP0NSORED T3RR0RISM ON A LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, wh0’s 0nly sin was to exercise his right as a Zambi@n citizen to aspire for the highest 0ffice.
    Tu P1yefu ndiye tu ma T0P cry baby hyp0crites!

  20. Nothing new since independence these things have been going on. Many innocent people including some of us have been victims of unwanted searches from GRZ.

    “Amnesty International Secretary General urges President Hichilema to move with speed to honour his commitment to human rights”-LT

  21. The problem is not investigating wrong doing but doing things emotionally and unprofessionally.
    Why search someone’s premises in their absence when the law provides that they or their lawyers be present?
    Someone can easily plant things at your premises and claim it’s yours.
    Cases like these will easily be lost on technicalities.
    Arresting someone and successfully prosecuting their cases are two different things.

  22. Iwe na iwe Mukupa. You were not harassed. You are being investigated for good reasons. Everyone who was mwibala in fact has to be investigated. How did you obtain what you have from K50,000 per month? If you say it’s from deals we don’t elect people to go and do deals but to work for government. Even UPND will face the same fate

  23. You guys never chose what time to steal. You stole at night, morning, noon and evening. Sometimes when we were sick or dead!

  24. So because of those speeches we should let you free even when you stole? These people’s thinking is really of thieves. Go prove yourself you did not steal from the Zambian people.

  25. Forest 27 doesnt need any digging up the records are there for all to see it was an illegality against public policy and null ab intio …so lets methodically ask those people to leave alternative land allocated to them at least those who have illegally built on that land,,those who have not constructed refund their money as it is tainted black after that lets replant the trees they indiscriminately uprooted……water is the source of life

  26. These Pf morons need a brain transplant, which law in Zambia or elsewhere in the world says ‘ when there is national mourning criminals must not be searched or arrested’ who ever said the police and other investigative wings must close during national mourning, this PF idiocy amazes me. I blame Zambians for this, when the criminal and Gangster Pf was in government we said those who broke the law, must be made to account, now we protecting them saying it’s political persecution, what a lot of crap. This country should just be closed and we all go our separate ways, may be back to the Luba-Lunda Kingdom.

  27. This ka man is an empty tin, there were no reconciliation speeches at the burial ceremony, what was there are condolences speeches, was he listening, thieving has thoroughly confused these Pf criminals.

  28. Some if you are fugitives. Remember the law will visit you wherever and whatever occasion, be it in the toilet.

  29. Edger Chagwa Lungu has a mind soo criminally hypocritically conniving, it stinks. I don’t know what PF is still waiting for to jail that rotten criminal.

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