Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Workers protest against poor salaries at China’s Chenguang Biotech firm in Sinazongwe


Over 1,000 workers at a Chinese owned company called Chenguang Biotech Zambia Agri Development Limited in Sinazongwe District this morning staged a protest against management over poor working conditions.

Furious workers boycotted work and resorted to matching to the Office of the District Commissioner where they sought audience in order to find a solution.

A check by ZANIS at the company also known as CCGB, found many workers on the road leading to the District Commissioner’s Office demanding their salary increment.

Kennedy Mudenda, a Union representative told ZANIS in an interview that negotiations on behalf of the unionized workers at the company had not yet been concluded but the workers and some unionized workers reacted demanding for the salary increment.

Mr. Mudenda said there was a problem with the Company management because they were not accommodating the union to speak on behalf of the workers.

And workers who were intercepted by Zambia Police Service flanked by other Government officials were informed that the District Commissioner was out of office for other national duties and would only address them when he returns back into office.

The workers further demanded that some of the senior staff in the management be removed from the offices because they were behind the challenges workers were facing at the company.

Speaking on behalf of his fellow protestors and workers, Jackson Munsaka told the Police that they did not want to see any of the management staff of either Zambian Origin or Chinese in the offices until the matter is addressed by the District Commissioner.

And addressing the protestors who gathered outside the company offices, Zambia Police Service Officer in Charge Sinazongwe, Samson Mwenya calmed the situation by informing them that the District Commissioner was out of the district but will address the matter immediately he returns.

Operations at the company have since been halted and all the workers have left the premises leaving only security at the gate and inside.


  1. That’s what you get when you get Chinese investors into the country, like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is after. These Chinese only come when they get tax benefits (which ordinary Zambians don’t get) and if they can get away with paying paltry salaries! Thanks Bally! NOT!

  2. There are the investors enjoying preferential tax breaks and can not pay staff properly …even in a lucrative sector like Biotech

  3. We have to learn fast from what our chinese brothers and sisters are doing, very very fast. If we can not beat them, then we have join the race. That small empowerment fund wont cut it. We need more Zambian venture capital. CCGB is buying off Zam Beef businesses.

  4. Here we go again – more exploitative treatment of Zambians by, so called “investers”. I remember another situation where Zambian employees were confined to their Chinese employer’s premises – denied contact with their families, because the Chinese feared employees might bring back Covid 19; yet, the Chinese themselves went home to their families the whole time Zambian employees were confined! Our people are treated like second class citizens in their own country! Doesn’t Zambia have a minimum code of conduct blue print – incorporating human rights and fair treatment investors must adhere to? If not, government should get busy now & create one. This intolerable trend must end!

    #plant a tree please!

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