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Zambia Maintains that it will not Ban the Export of Maize


Minister of Agriculture Ruben Phiri has maintained that government will not ban the exportation of maize because the country has secured enough grain for national food security and excess stocks can go to waste.

Minister of Agriculture Reuben Phiri said the country also risks losing its position as an exporter of maize on the international market.

Mr Phiri was speaking at the women in Agriculture Conference which was held under the theme “Gender Equality for a Sustainable Tomorrow.’’

He observed that the country has been recording wastage of the grain because of excess stocks saying the population is too small to consume the produce.

Mr Phiri said that the exportation of maize can only be controlled to manage food security in the country.

He advised the farmers to venture into the production of cash crops such as cashew nuts and tree to avoid over-dependency on maize.

And Congolese High Commissioner to Zambia Chantal Konji Maloba said Zambian farmers need to follow procedure if they have to trade in Congo.

Ms. Maloba said it is not easy to trade in Congo because of the increased crimes as farmers risk to being crooked in that country.

She said there’s need for the farmers to create a business network before embarking on trade in her country.

She added that proper documentation and right procedures Zambian, farmers are can export their produce to Congo with ease.

Ms. Maloba said Zambian farmers have an advantage of exporting their produce to DRC which has a large market.

She further stated that the Ministry of Agriculture should engage its counterpart in DRC on trade.


  1. This is a very positive and pragmatic mov, one that I totally agree with 100percent. It will encourage more farmers to grow maize. Well done to the policy makers and the UPND govt.

  2. KBF’s approach about agricultural products for export is the best one. He argues that we have a lot of unemployed youths, we could have ZNS set up national farms close to the boarder with DRC.
    Employ young people there, have an agricultural training center in the same farms, you have farmers, farm engineers, accountants, florists, drivers etc within these farms.
    The sole purpose of these farms would be to export. Let our local farmers supply the country and these farms export. We earn forex, provide employment and value addition too.
    The fear now is that most maize traders will flock to the boarder and the commodity price will mushroom.
    UPND must hire me, lol.

  3. @Chiza Chirwa : point of correction, it’s not KBF’s Policy by the way, it’s actually KK’s and UNIP policy back then. They implemented it successfully back then ask our fathers or mothers. And HH has that ideology at heart if he is not already actualising that. But I think he is busy doing so-u heard as was announced on TV two months ago.

  4. UPND encouraging farmer to export maize which was grown under PF FISIP. Wait and grow your own maize then export it. Have you surveyed how much maize DRC consumes? Do you know why KK, FTJ, Sata, RB and Lungu all failed to have a free export policy to DRC this government of kids. FRA keeps maize that can sustain Zambia over a period of three years because every 7 years we experience a drought of 3 years. I am sure none of the unemployed youths that voted for this thieving tribal government are aware of yellow maize.

  5. @step Aside, please stop finding excuses for the UPND.
    This is a matter that can be simply resolved by a presidential pronouncement. The UPND administration has shown to be concerned about earning money at the detriment of its citizens, look at fuel as an example.
    The allowing of importing maize will raise the price significantly and we may have a shortage as a country.
    KBF has outlined his plan very clearly in his book and it boggles my mind why it can’t be adopted, or at the very least, give that man a position and have him oversee some of these developments.

  6. Please place sustainable measures in place to benefit the entire country not a few to enrich themselves. We have so much to say but little implementation. Please think outside the box to eusure sustainability for the country and its people. This is a great idea. It should not ne a temporay venture but long lasting sustaiable one.

  7. Can we, for a change, as a country, come up with structured and sustainable programmes that seriously involve the people of Zambia by creating permanent jobs. Government collects tax and builds proper infrastructure to run the agriculture business effectively and also inspire farmers to continue in the farming or agriculture sector.

  8. @Chirwa : the problem is that you are a pf cadre and so as long as u are a pf cadre i ll always shoot at you

  9. My job is to protect Zambians against pf propanda(which highly orchestrated). You fooools got us into this debt trap, you killed innocent citizens, never mind abt the price of fuel which was on fake pricing just so u win elections. Now u want to talk the loudest? Shut up!

  10. Step aside, please engage me in my writings, I am not a PF supporter, and even if I was, ours is to discuss ideas and disagree on them.

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