Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Increased levels of vandalism worry ZESCO


The national power utility ZESCO has bemoaned the increasing levels of vandalism to its infrastructure on the Copperbelt.

ZESCO Head of Security, Hamulundu Kapika has revealed that the power utility company lost over K 9 million last year alone through vandalism of its various infrastructure on the Copperbelt.

Speaking in Kitwe yesterday during the Kitwe District Public Sensitization meeting, Mr. Kapika said the increased vandalism of the company’s infrastructure is affecting the effective provision of power to its customers in the province.

He said the vandalism of power cables does not only affect the company but the customers also both the residential and industrial customers.

He said the company has since embarked on a sensitization programme against vandalism on the Copperbelt in order to change the trend.

“The levels of vandalism has increased on the Copperbelt, a situation that has forced us to embark on a community sensitization program which has so far been conducted in Mufulira, Chingola and Kitwe, last year alone, the company lost K9 million due to vandalism which affected the operations of the power utility company,” Mr. Kapika said.

And ZESCO Copperbelt Senior Regional Director, Tom Daka said the power utility company is concerned with the continued vandalism of its cables by members of the community in all parts of the province which is affecting power supply.

Mr. Daka said vandalism has proved to be a huge challenge because members of the community have continued the illicit activity despite numerous sensitization efforts.

He said the utility company has since resorted to intensifying sensitization programs in collaboration with the Zambia police.

He was optimist that the scourge will be addressed if perpetrators are brought to book.


  1. Maybe the head of security can find out the phone number of the local police station, and employ a security company. Zesco substations never have any security, just relying on people’s fear of any high voltage present. But with loadshedding back on the agenda that won’t deter any thieves

  2. Even in developed countries this is a problem but not so rampant because no thief would want to temper with live cables as they dont have the knowledge and those that do are highly paid to bother. ZESCO should first look within instead its Directors wanting 5L Jeeps they should improve the conditions of their Technicians on the ground.

  3. They say they have lost K9 million but ask them how many CCTV cameras they have at substations being vandalised…in developed countries companies install high tech CCTV infrared cameras at a dozen sites manned over night by a team of two secruity personnel…if there is a problem the alert the police or mobile secruity team with seconds to the site.

  4. Do you even have to complain when its Copperbelt involved_thats where all the “natola fye” are most.

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