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Kambwili just wants to gain political mileage from the Black Mountain Operations in Kitwe-UPND


United Party for National Development (UPND) has refuted Patriotic Front presidential aspirant Chishimba Kambwili’s claims that the mining operations at Kitwe’s black mountain are intended to benefit its senior officials.

Kitwe District Youth Chairman Bowas Kapata says contrary to Mr Kambwili’s claims, it’s the youths irrespective of their political affiliation who have been allocated a number of trucks as part of their empowerment.

Mr Kapata, who rebuked the PF aspiring presidential candidate for his unwarranted attacks on the UPND leadership, also stated in an interview that the majority youths will benefit through the cooperatives that have been formed.

“We are not disappointed by anything in the operations of the black mountain as asserted by Mr Kambwili because we know that we are supposed to benefit through the cooperatives just like any other citizen, in addition, we have been allocated some trucks so we are still awaiting for the actualization of this strategy,” he said.

Stressing that the chrome hand pickers that have been catered for already as a demonstration that everyone is earmarked to benefit from the mining facility, the District Youth Chairman said Mr. Kambwili just wanted to gain political mileage from his unfounded statement.

Mr Kapata further urged people not to perceive the operations at the black mountain as a UPND programme but an empowerment strategy meant to empower everyone regardless of one’s political affiliation.

And Association of Women in Mining, one of the organizations given the authority to carry out mining operations at the black mountain , says the operations are going on well.

Association President Grace Njapau said the operations are now stabilizing and government mining specialists are providing guidance on the operations.

Recently, Mr Kambwili said the mining operations at the black mountain are only meant to enable senior UPND officials enrich themselves just as the previous ruling party officials benefited from the black mountain operations.

The outspoken politician said the youths and the general public will not get anything as promised by the New Dawn government.

The operations at the black mountain are in full swing with hundreds of people awaiting empowerment from the operations proceeds through the cooperatives.


  1. CK is the most ridiculous socalled politician in the country. But let’s face it: this whole Black Mountain saga has been a nightmare from the start, caused by the UPND government, and now so many weeks later we STILL don’t have a solution. And the responsible minister Paul Kabuswe is STILL there. Bally, can’t you see this has been mishandled from the start??? Intervene! Sack Kabuswe!

  2. Dear Citizens, abstain from entertaining these shenanigans and stay focussed on questioning responsible officials whethr or not are implementing on objectives set in the mining strategic plan, if not, they should explain and the citizen would clearly see where the loop holes are. Do not accept excuses. Strategic plans contain short-term, mid-term and long-terms objectives and achievable timeframes. Failure, to deliver, the official must be sucked as such an official cannot perform. Why do we even waste time entertaining who did what blah blah. Let us stay focussed citizens please.

  3. Seeing BUFFOON CK working out on a treadmill for a 2 minute Face-book video shoot is the funniest thing I have seen this week..

  4. GRZ would do the country and the unemployed a great service if…………

    All Mining operations at the dump are carried out by a professional, none profit mining organisation constituted by GRZ…….

    With all profits going to youth training and funding sustainable business ventures like commercial farming and Co operatives………

    Not this hand to mouth nonsense we are seeing………..

  5. Zambians are waiting when Chishimba Kambwili will surrender government those houses built on Luanshya Golf coast. Chishimba has equally built houses in Ndola from sources likely from proceeds of criminal activities. As a scrap metal dealer Chishimba stripped Ndola-Luanshya railway line.
    Arresting him is not political persecution but one of PF thieves.

  6. Iwe chi stinky troll Kaizar Zero you PF were hypocrites for 10ys and even wishy-washy CK is an even more brazen hypocrite who changes his political tune like dirty underwear.


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