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Zambia has enough resources to realize its development agenda-German Ambassador


German Ambassador to Zambia says Zambia has enough resources needed in order to realize its development agenda.

German Ambassador to Zambia Anne Wagner–Mitchell said this when she paid a courtesy call on Eastern Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Beauty Phiri at her office yesterday.

Ms. Wagner-Mitchell said Zambia is endowed with abundant natural resources that only need maximized exploitation.

She said the German government is committed to continue working with the Zambian government by making significant contributions to the country’s development agenda.

She mentioned that German is already supporting government through implementing various projects in the fields of water and sanitation, good governance as well as food and nutrition.

“I am happy that we are able to make some contributions to the government agenda, we are looking forward to continue with the support and I can assure you that we will continue our work in Zambia,” she said.

The German Ambassador further noted that her government acknowledges the efforts of the new government to exploit the available natural resources in a responsible and climate friendly way.

“The abundant arable land, water and other natural resources should help address the issues of malnutrition, stunting and poverty. And we are happy that government is being environmentally conscious in its exploitation of these resources and also addressing issues that are serving as a threat,” she said.

Ms. Wagner-Mitchell said despite knowing that deforestation is currently an issue of concern, she has a feeling that the new government especially with the formation of the Ministry of Green Economy and Environment is addressing the issue with the importance it deserves.

She further expressed happiness at the way government institutions and communities are closely working together with the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) as it implements the various German-funded projects in the region.

Meanwhile, Eastern Province Deputy Permanent Secretary thanked the Ambassador for her country’s support to the province adding that issues of nutrition are critical to the province.

“I am glad that you are tackling issues of nutrition. We produce a lot of foods in the province as such we should be the last province to be faced with issues of malnutrition,” Ms. Phiri said.

Ms. Phiri highlighted that the province will strive to tap and maximize on its potential and grow the agriculture sector, as guided by the President.

“We are glad that partners like German are on board to address some of the problems being faced in the sector,” she said.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary called upon the German Government to render a hand in promoting sound farming practices in the province.

“I call upon you to join hands with us in ensuring farmers adopt more responsive means of farming like irrigation and also venture in other high value farming avenues like fish farming,” Ms. Phiri said.


  1. We do have the resources but we gave it away in the form of Tax holidays and scrapped Royalties to the Mines. We never learn, please tell us, being African seems to be a problem for us, that’s why Trump called us S$&*#hole countries. We gave away $2.5 billion so we can go and beg IMF for a loan is $1.5 billion and financially squeeze our own people at the same time. It’s obvious we can’t think for ourselves, help us.

  2. The German ambassador is of course correct. But we have another incompetent government, after seven months in power NOTHING has happened, and we are ruled by INDECISIVENESS. May the Lord help us.

  3. Development is always a bottom-up process and starts with people who are able to organize themselves and exploit the land by farming productively. We don’t have this sort of farmer in Zambia in large numbers and this has resulted in us having too many small farmers. As a result even low-tech industrialisation to create jobs for the people hasn’t taken off in any noticeable way.

  4. Remember privatization and its King? Right now we just watch copper leaving the country and nothing comes back. The UPND is incapable of taxing these companies because of deals that they over their 20 years of campaigning.

  5. With regard to resources, the Germany ambassador is correct. However, the ambassador should have told the UPNDGovernment That tax holiday to the mines is stealing the resources required for development and that nepotism and appeasement will lead to Nkana Kitwe black mountain decision like, discouraged middle men within the country and support middle men in other countries decision, the list is endless. Ambassador, our leaders care about their businesses and as such their decisions are always corrupt.

  6. What is wrong is the western education system zambia and follows.

    Africans do well in a communal setting. With close community ties. This is tradition, which has been lost for western style living and education.

    The Asian way of education which emphasises strong community, ethical, hard work and patriotic ties would suit zambia most…….

    The western system we use will never work………….

    It only creates islands of elites while the country and the rest wallow in poverty

  7. We are African with serious and big education back ground for fifty years we are still failing to run our own mines, we can`t create more industries in each province, no help coming to encourage citizens by giving loans and start ploughing etc. what we are only interested is talking about corruption and praise singing. It will take another fifty years for Zambia to develop. Please rehabilitate zambia railways line to move traffic from Drc to East London not by road.

  8. #8 Spaka… unfortunately we are stuck with it…. the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and to some extent the Indians stuck to their cultures and religions.

  9. Truthful words! It really says a lot about what Europeans/Westerners think of our perpetual inability to improve our prospects, despite the abundant resources we have. And because we are so oblivious to their contempt, we keep running back for help, and they sneeringly oblige our begging; at the expense of our self-respect! Unbearable! – what are we like???

    #plant a tree please.

  10. @9 above, I concur completely with your suggestion on the rehabilitation of the railways. This indeed, is where the future of bulk haulage lies – not on roads.

    #plant a tree please.

  11. Yes ambassador even without the IMF or China loans, Zambia has alot of resources to emancipation itself from its economic quagmire but the problem is lack of leadership.
    The chap in Government for instance, thinks losing sovereignty by subscribing to an IMF loan is a way to go rather than using his brain. So dumb. Maybe China and you should stay the f*** outa our business. May be our leaders can grow a brain.
    What support?

  12. It is a shame that we have to always be reminded by foreign countries that Zambia as adequate resources to flourish. We all know that, even a kid in a street knows that too. We all know why Zambia is where it is now. We could start from colonial times – natural resources stolen till to date: corruption, greed etc a vicious cycle indeed.
    It easy and quick to destroy and takes long to build. Seventh months in power for HH is too little and soon for him to show the results. Please give him time. HH is in the Strategic planning phase – identifying all the problems. reviewing policies and statutes, establish a team that shares his vision then formulate objectives. He then requires a strong and capable team to assist him to execute his objectives. This is what you call implementation phase…

  13. HH and you team please stay focused, select a compellign project at a time, follow through until it implemented then we need strong team that would continue to monitor and control such a prject and put sustainable measures in place so that such a project continues to prevail, generates income and maximise profit for the country and prevent the country into getting into debt. Zambia to have a pot full of maintenance funds, wages or salaries for its labour etc.

    It is so simple – honestly. 1 + 1 = 2

  14. First thing, would be to change mind-sets of the people leading in HH’s party to get rid off (amadilu system – the corrupt mindset), indolency, living large and put the country first. Change the mind-set of his leaders to adhere to laws in place. Little little things must be changed and start operating by example. Then cascade such mind-sets to the bottom till to our children in our homes and schools. Scrap the mentality of amadilu and not being extravagant, take care of every little thing that we own, being clean and taking pride in everything we do. We need to start wotj the most basic to change perceptions and mind-sets etc. We need honest and serious conversations should we seriously require to develop Zambia. Remember, there is time for everything – learn to be less frivolous and be…

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