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Recruitment of a record 30,000 teachers to be advertised on Monday-Education Minister


Minister of Education Douglas Syakalima has announced that the advertisement for the recruitment of a record 30,000 teachers will be placed in the electronic and print media on 5th,6th and 7th April 2022.

In a ministerial statement to parliament on the recruitment of teachers, Mr Syakalima said that Zambia Postal Services Corporation (ZAMPOST). will commence receiving and delivering applications in all districts by 5th April 2022 and conclude delivery by 15th April 2022.

Mr Syakalima said that the recruitment of process has been decentralized to the district level in line with government policy on decentralization and that applicants will therefore be required to apply to the district education board secretaries’ offices in the districts where they wish to be employed through the ZAMPOST.

Mr Syakalima said that upon receipt of the application, ZAMPOST will send an SMS notification to the applicant as proof of receipt, adding that in order to allow for transparency, ZAMPOST will capture all applications received and create a database, explaining that the database and the applications will be delivered to the district human resources management committees at the respective districts who will open and undertake the selection process.

Mr Syakalima said that the provincial consolidation and validation committees will review the submission from the districts and submit reports to the national consolidation committee, before the Teaching service commission reviews and approves the consolidated and validated lists of selected candidates from 9th to 15th May 2022, stating that that district deployment of officers to respective schools will be conducted between 13th to 30th June,2022.

George Hamusunga Executive Director
George Hamusunga
Executive Director

Meanwhile, the Zambia National Education Coalition (ZANEC) has welcomed the progress the government, through the Teaching Service Commission, has made towards the recruitment of 30,000 teachers provided for in the 2022 education budget.

Coalition Executive Director George Hamusunga said that the announcement by the government that the recruitment process will be decentralized gives the coalition confidence that the process will be completed in good time.

Mr. Hamusunga is also happy with the measures that the government has put in place to ensure the recruitment process is transparent and free of corruption by involving institutions such as ZAMPOST for receiving applications, the Zambia Police, Anti-Corruption Commission and Drug Enforcement Commission to provide oversight in the recruitment process.

Mr. Hamusunga said that this is very important because previous efforts to decentralize the teacher recruitment exercise to district level have been unsuccessful and that the decentralized recruitment of teachers is the hallmark of teacher retention in the schools.

Mr. Hamusunga added that that teachers must be recruited and deployed to schools that are as close to their place of residency as possible to mitigate against the prevailing housing crisis for teachers which encourages the migration of teachers deployed in rural areas back to urban areas.

And Mr. Hamusunga is therefore urging the Teaching Service Commission to consider the need to bridge the current huge gap for Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) teachers which is affecting performance in these subjects as evidenced from the 2021 grade 12 results.


  1. Futile exercise. The country simply doesn’t have 30,000 teachers, unless the scrutiny levels of the applicants is dramatically lowered. Therefore one should fear for education as a whole in the next couple of years.

  2. The red devil is in the details.
    But I hope to see white saints coming out in the same print media stating their names, school posted to, college/university where educated ans year completed, age, town where the applicant was during selection and so on to prove how above board the system would be.
    This is not a political appeasement programme, but a nationally balanced and characterised undertaking requiring all fairness.

  3. My fear is this might morph into an election practice where political parties make an employment of citizens as an election turnover. My hope is that the UPND government has unblocked the unemployment cycle so we can get back to actually employing graduates into these sectors that so badly needs them.

  4. This ministry labour him affairs defence and 3 others are making some difference except for social economic reasons including production maintenance for schools some marginal social contribution to perform schools in parents will help meet petty things wamoka including overstretched teachers who traditionally are a preserve of parents in communities it’s a silent issue Now for your CDF implementation its maybe ending at the councils in budgetary management and projects assurances and control The motivation on the social economic spending is okay but if it fails as piloted now it will put a further strain on the fiscal and economic social progress of our people looking at it now and seeing The presidency owns the budgets and programmes he must take the lead to avoid failure it’s people…

  5. At Kaizer sosala: Did you jst 8 months or 8 years? As you yourselves as PF never employed a single teacher in all your 10yrs.No here is a party that in 8months employs 30,000 teachers,how many do you think they will employ in 10years? hahahahahahhahahah. Soon teachers & nurses from other countries will start flocking into Zambia. Remember, the way i know him he will do this exercise every year or every 2 years,so there is manna ahead.

  6. Where are you going to get the money to pay these teachers you’re hiring? Is it from the fuel hikes and you call this as creating jobs? Zambia is in big trouble

  7. @Kaizer
    Remind Mutaware that a good number of the schools in which teachers will be employed were built by PF. Without these schools having been built by PF, UPND government would have no where to deploy many of these teachers.

  8. The Observer tell me how many schools PF built in Ndola alone or Southern province almost zero. Most of the schools were built by KK and british.

  9. Where is the money coming from o pay teachers and medical staff to employed ? Fuel and other capitalists will help

  10. Hello. Am A Mathematics and ICT Teacher. I own a college. your advice. if I apply my 18 students may suffer. I have 3 kids to support of my own. haven’t done TCZ. advice me.

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