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Court Bailiffs on the Copperbelt have seize Lusambo’s properties in Ndola

General News Court Bailiffs on the Copperbelt have seize Lusambo's properties in Ndola

Court Bailiffs on the Copperbelt have seized a vehicle and household property at the house of Patriotic Front (PF) Kabushi Member of Parliament and former Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Chilosha Lusambo in Ndola.

Mr Lusambo who once served as Copperbelt Minister was dragged to court by Ndola businessman Clifford Kasonde over a debt he accrued from 2019.

The property has been seized over a debt of K278, 000 that Mr Lusambo allegedly owe Mr Kasonde.

A check by reporters at House Number 68 on Kabelenga Road around 09:00 on Friday morning, found bailiffs parking the property in one of their vans as two uniformed police officers kept vigil at the premise.

Some people were seen moving property among them beds and chairs from the house to the van.

The law-maker allegedly failed to pay the said amount despite several appeals to settle the debt accrued from 2019.

Mr Lusambo rents the house which was pounced on from Zamtel.

A man found at the residence told journalists that the bailiffs forced their way into the house after jumping over the perimeter fence.

Mr Lusambo promised to visit the house and issue a statement on the issue.


  1. Bowman, be strong mudala. Hakainde is digging his own grave. He thinks he will remain in power forever.

    This is proper persecution. Be strong, you will go over this in a short time. The courts will vindicate you. Hakainde is full of bitterness. Let his bitterness be exposed.

  2. Seriously !! even a debt owed by Lusambo is being politicised now… PF cadres please grow up.
    Nobody is persecuting Lusambo,he just needs to face his own issues….like the hacking of innocent people with pangas in Luanshya,it is coming up soon….the victims identified him in court…

  3. No wonder he wept like a baby when PF lost the elections last August….he knew his chickens were coming home to roost…

  4. allegedly owes Mr Kasonde. ?? !!!
    He does or he doesn’t
    One cannot seize property on assumption

  5. What has HH to do with that Kasonde who just robbed Bowman’s children?
    Guys be nice to each other, why steal your friend underwears over kalooba. And iwe Kasonde, your thug friend borrowed 50pin to dish out on markets, now you say 50pin has reached K280000?
    Police should arrest Kasonde.

  6. He was borrowing on his own, how do politics come in? No wonder this country was run down because PF chaps have such a low IQ, Accusing HH for Bowmans own irresponsible borrowing? come on you dunderheads from PF. There is no politics here, for once use your brains you illiterates

  7. Iwe Henry my friend, tekanya. STOP this propaganda and LIES you keep spreading on LT. Sooner or later your lies will catch up with you and for nothing.
    What has Hakainde got to do with bailiffs who are confiscating things that belong to their client because your RICH BOY, was not able to pay his dues,
    You have it there in plain English that LvSAMBO owes Clifford Kasonde, an amount of K278, 000, so why are you implicating the President in such a nonsence. Yesterday you were busy threatening, the life of the president, and you continue with your BIG LIES. What kind of a person are you? This is not fun anymore. You are making this forum USELESS, a reasonable person no longer can stand this rvbbish you guys are spewing here day-in and day-out.

  8. Even with all the millions of dollars that lusambo & his PF thieves stole from the Zambian people he can’t pay back such a small debt?

    And you PF fools don’t politicize this as political you *****s…

  9. Mmmmmm…….wonders never cease! A man was was saying K2m is change can fail to pay a paltry K278,000?

  10. @Reminder he is just a loose revolver and his immaturity takes over his mouth. Such boasts from thieving politicians can only attract investigators especially if you dont belong to the ruling party. Police, Investigating wings and judges are owned by the ruling party in African democracies

  11. He thought he will clear everything once he bounces back in power. Unfortunately for him things didn’t work out as planned.

  12. Bowman will be driving a vitz soon, if he is lucky , looking for money in the streets……….

    Everything hinged on PF winning……..

  13. Hh is a very jealous vengeful satanist. EviI to the core. It seems only hh in zambia believes he can be successful. Very arrogant cheekala

  14. Deja Vu is going to say that they are victimising him…this dumb chap thought his master Edar Changwa Lungu will rule forever and he would do as he pleases with impunity.

  15. Foools like Bowman and Joseph Malanja who were parading their looted richies are facing the music …bigger smart thieves like Dr Chilufya and Co have retreated in the shadows.

  16. Very strange conduct by PF characters, they committed all these vices but when cornered they quickly rush to attack HH, Very strange breed

  17. Ok just Give us one simple conviction m******mwe!
    It’s gonna be really bad for the perpetrators of these politically motivated harassment of innocent citizens.
    It shall be rough indeed.

  18. Mbuzi Meeeeeee, The mentality of defending thieves, bandits and corrupt PF ministers and cadres that ransacked and deprived Zambians of their wealth should not be politicised. Bowman Lusambo is just a reckless thief who demeaned hard working Zambians while he was stealing from Zambians. He is today being unmasked to reveal where he came from and belongs there in Kantolomba. @ Henry and KZ, the fight against corruption has began to recover massive assets acquired through PF corruption in the country. Recovered assets to benefit all Zambians. In the mean time, world rankings puts president HH 5th best president in Africa. Hope you will respect the world assessment.

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