Friday, April 12, 2024

Zambia Police to impound any vehicle bearing registration “RIPCHILE 1”


The Zambia Police Service is concerned with some motorists that have replaced official registration number plates with an illegal registration” RIPCHILE 1″

In a statement released to the media, the Inspector General of Police Mr Lemmy Kajoba has since directed all traffic officers to immediately impound any motor vehicle bearing registration “RIPCHILE 1”.

Police will not tolerate such lawlessness which used to happen in the past.

The Inspector-General of Police has further directed that all traffic officers should enforce this directive henceforth.

Kitwe Jerabo and businessman Richard Chileshe Mbulu is commonly known as Chile One was allegedly shot dead by his wife Annie Monta, 30, in their bedroom after a marital dispute in the early hours of Saturday in Riverside, Kitwe. Monta has since been charged with murder by Police in Kitwe.

According to Copperbelt police commanding officer Sharon Zulu:”A Pistol 9mm Taurus by make, silver in colour, serial number THR 43651 was used. The victim sustained a bullet wound on his left side of the back where he was shot at and on the right side of his chest where the bullet came out. He was rushed to Progress private hospital and later to Kitwe Teaching Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The body of the deceased has since been deposited to Kitwe Teaching Hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem. The firearm with one empty cartilage was recovered from the scene, arrest made.”


  1. There more serious issues for the police than this nonsense called Chile something. People are stealing Zesco installation with impunity. Mugging of law abiding citizens is the order of the day.

  2. Let them mourn their Commander, after all that’s just for a day. Emotions are high amongst his followers as they have a serious allegation and trying to stop them will just agitate. There are reports that Chapamo Consortium led by Chile 1 went to Court and were granted 30% of that mountain which the UPND is now mining. Why have they been sidelined. His supporters are saying it’s the Court documents that were in his possession that are behind his death and not the marriage dispute. That’s the issue which Mwami 1 must address not the trivial issue of number plates. Many of his officers benefitted from Chile 1’s generosity and are also in mourning. They might find it difficult to enforce such a useless directive.

  3. I am in kitwe right now. Let them come for my range rover. I will beat them so hard they will remember their purpose in life. F00Iish

  4. Ayatollah – If you know the reason motorists register their number plates you wouldnt advocate for such stupidity even for two hours …what are you going to tell the police when a vehicle with such a number plate runs over your child at night. Please if you are going to disclose information about reports at least give us an offical source or reference.

  5. The UK based Impostor/ Fraud/ Troll is now in Kitwe and also bragging about possesions he doesn have whilst he is sat in his UK council flat.

  6. Mr Phil – Yes there are more serious issues but breaking the law should not be ignored….this trend of placing designer no. plates and driving vehicles on public roads is not only illegal but a danger to public safety.

  7. @Tarino Orange, get to Kitwe just for 1 day and count how many vehicles are on the streets and pass through check points without any registration mark. It’s you that’ll look styopeti. I don’t speak from without. Kajoba doesn’t know what’s on the ground or if he does then he’s pretending. He’ll be embarrassed by his own officers

  8. All i see is UPND Jerabos in red…kikiki. @Ayatollah The wife story sounds better/best, we will stick to the GBV story….lol. Next is Spax mining.

  9. Ba LT Your editor must have been a very stubborn Group F guy. You have repeated “cartilage” despite a reader correcting you the other day!!

  10. Ayatollah and Tarino Orange… Police don’t know when someone breaks the law…I don’t care whether Chile has got his own flag on his car but just come to Kitwe and you will see how much of the laws are being followed. When fat Matambo went to Kalulushi to welcome Rashida, there were tens of vehicles without registration numbers, all honking all the way. So what law is this Kajomba referring to? Crime is on the upswing and the police are no where to be seen, but are ready for the event that is just a nuisance.

  11. Deja Vu – Hand on heart you care about this thug Chile1 who got capped with his own pistol…yes crime is rampant but why do you want Police command to ignore people posting images on social media of vehicles with designer plates. Back in MMD times this was not allowed but then came Lazy Lungu all this trend sprung out of control now we have unmarked vehicles. We should commend Police Command for highlighting this.

  12. Tarino Orange… no I don’t even like the chap…. but it pains that we report break-ins the police have no transport, but transport is available for useless things. If you know my feeling you would understand where I’m coming from.

  13. Tarino no one cares about your silly posts here. You appear too desperate and a coward. Everyone knows you are a tribal upnd f00I who is trying hard to hide your bias but it is there for all to see. A person who spends all day blogging here is probably unemployed. It seems you describe yourself in the attacks you dish out. Go and do something productive and you might just one day advance from cleaning old people there abroad..come and clean your own ugly grandfather here in zambia

  14. Law is the law and equal to everyone. Impound them as it will lead to chaos. If before, during or after the funeral procession one of these vehicles bashes into someone or something then how will it be identified if there are similar vehicles around? We don’t want lawlessness funeral or no funeral.

  15. That’s a throw back from the lawlessness of the PF era where number plats were LUNGU or PF …………..

    Theiving bustards………

    Impound their vehicles…………

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