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Government sets 70% Covid-19 vaccination target across the country – Masebo

Health Government sets 70% Covid-19 vaccination target across the country - Masebo

Minister of Health, Sylvia Masebo says the government has set out to enhance COVID 19 vaccinations with a 70 percent target from the current 22% across all communities in the country.

Speaking in Kabwe when she addressed the press, Ms Masebo stated that government in a multi-sectoral approach has set up to run two 10 day COVID-19 vaccination campaigns in order to safe guard citizens from COVID-19.

Ms. Masebo stressed that the campaign will be set 4 weeks apart to allow for completion of two dose vaccines and booster for those requiring.

“As indicated in the previous press brief, we in a multi-sectoral manner are setting up to run (2) ten-day vaccination campaigns, We are providing an opportunity for those not yet vaccinated to get access during this coming national wide campaign,” she said.

Ms. Masebo added that the Ministry of Health will leverage on the local government structures at National Level and sub National level especially ward levels to enhance advocacy and social mobilization for the fourth coming COVID-19 vaccination exercise.

“We are engaging and orienting our Members of Parliament, Councilors, as well as other members of the District Development Coordinating Committees to be part of the vaccination campaign even as we aim to increase the vaccination coverage,” she said.

She indicated that government under President Hakainde Hichilema remained concerned over the health of citizens hence the need for everyone to adhere to the prescribed preventive measures for all diseases.

Ms. Masebo said the launch has been rescheduled to start on 14th May 2022 adding that this will allow adequate social mobilization as the multi-sectoral teams including local authorities engage the communities.

“Our target is too having 70% of eligible population vaccinated by end of June 2022,” she said.


  1. This is a useless priority, why should we mirror a western intervention on Covid just because they now have left over vaccines. The world now knows that the vaccinated can still get Covid, transmit covid to others and suffer fatal covid pneumonia. Natural immunity which most Zambians must have from already getting covid is just as effective as the vaccine. Let’s focus on getting drugs to the people for the more serious concern we have in Zambia, Malaria and TB. Forget this satanic vaccines agenda. As it is the west’s children are suffering a strange increase in hepatitis. Vaccinating children could be a cause.

  2. Please just return those vaccines back to sender…we know their shelf life is nearing expiry date hence the panick. When are you going to get it that covid-19 is another agenda pandemic…look at how they have moved on now talking about the war. The rich got richier from the pandemic they made whilst you got poorer it doesnt even affect you.
    Madam Masebo forget about covid and continue visiting clinics

  3. The minister was very quick to point at our sudden rise in suicides due to mental issues. Did they ever consider it to be a result of the vaccines? This, she may very well know, is not a strange phenomenon in medicine.


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