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Kelvin Sampa Arrested for obtaining 1.4 million Kwacha by false pretense

General News Kelvin Sampa Arrested for obtaining 1.4 million Kwacha by false pretense

United Party for National Development (UPND) Member Kelvin Sampa has been released on police bond after he was arrested for obtaining 1.4 million kwacha by false pretense with intent to defraud the owner permanently.

Mr Sampa who is also a former Kasama Central Member of Parliament is reported to have between May 2021 and July 2021 at unknown dates in Lusaka obtained one million four hundred thousand kwacha (k 1, 400, 000) from Maruku Selehe who is a businessman on the pretext that he was going to help him have his goods which were impounded by the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) released.

Police Deputy Public Relations Officer Danny Mwale who has announced the development says Mr Sampa has been released on police bond.

Meanwhile, a 26-year-old man in a garden house has committed suicide by throwing himself after failing to pay back accumulated debt.

Confirming the development, police deputy public relations officer, Danny Mwale says the deceased who has been identified as Lewis Mukuni was discovered missing from his room on 9th May, 2022 where only his mobile phone was found with a number of saved draft messages saying that he had accumulated so much debt in his life and that he had no means of repaying back.


  1. The new perfect dawn government hahahaha we warned you. They hoodwinked you into thinking that pf was corrupt and yet to date no single pf member has ever been found guilty of corruption in any competent court. Now I knownwhy hh shivered when he heard privatisation inquiry

  2. PF theft infections has began – genuine UPND members could not be involved in such crooked manners. ACC is aware of thieves in Zambia.
    KZ agrees with this opinion.

  3. OK kikikikiki so now we are safe to call him UPND Bandit and he is chilling with Nalumango….birds of the same feathers kikikikikiki

  4. @ 3 shooters
    Kikikikiki you won’t see Lumbani madoda praise singers on this topic…Sampa is now friends with Spaka,Tarino Orange,General Kanene,Tikki and Step aside….you can now call kelvin Sampa Proud UPND member….or save yourself some unnecessary stress just call UPND as PF re-branded theft reloaded

  5. Karma will always get you. He sold out and called his former colleagues a bunch of corrupt people. Someone had information that he had been extorting money from businessmen…..
    One thing here is how quickly the police have allowed his bond. Let’s hope they won’t spoil the case in his favor.

  6. Karma has a way of coming back.
    Remember he said kasama is a no go area for up and down, but now he is in up and down party and he thought he won’t be nabbed. In previous regime law enforcement agencies were rendered useless only those not in power were being arrested

  7. Ba Sampa, you thought you were moving from hell to paradise, only to find yourself in the lion’s den. Anyway, you might be let free as this New Doom regime is hesitant to have their ‘members’ prosecuted, that’s how inconsistent they are.

  8. #10 He’s politically correct and the mistake of arresting him will be corrected with the victim being arrested for false accusations.


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