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KAGEM emerald enters Guinness world book of records

General News KAGEM emerald enters Guinness world book of records

The world largest piece of gemstone produced by a Zambian mine company has finally secured its place in the Guinness world book of records.

The over one thousand five hundred grams uncut emerald was produced by KAGEM mine in Lufwanyama district in the Copperbelt province.

KAGEM mine Executive Chairperson Sixtus Mulenga announced this during a special event organised to celebrate the company’s achievements and awarding of its workers at KAGEM premises.

Mr. Mulenga said the KAGEM mine which is owned by gemfields in partnership with government’s Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) has over the years been recording remarkable achievements in its mining production.

He said the piece of gemstone which has since been given a local name called CHIPEMBELE is among the largest Emeralds the company has mined in the area.

Mr. Mulenga further described the government’s partnership with Gemfields as one of the most longstanding and productive the country’s mining sector has ever had.

He said all the positive developments KAGEM has continued recording is as a result of the good working relationship investors are enjoying with the government.

Meanwhile Lufwanyama district Commissioner Justine Mwalikwa who represented the Government commended KAGEM workers for their exemplary work.

He further urged the mine management to continue motivating its workers if more positive development is to continue being recorded.

The DC also said the government will endeavour to create an enabling working environment for the mines to thrive in the area.

Reçently, KAGEM mine extracted the largest uncut emerald in Lufwanyama district.


  1. All this is pointless if at the end of the year KAGEM is giving us utter peanuts in dividends the end of the financial year…this mine should have been ran by IDC

  2. The companies are not owned by indigenous Zambians. Until that happens I will not celebrate this.

    We have a culture of thinking working for others is success. Just look at all the diasporans who are cleaning toilets and caring for old whltes. When they visit zambia they come to make noise for us splashing their toilet money around.

    I fully own my businesses and I am proud.

  3. The people of Lufwanyama district should demand more from their God given mineral wealth…………

    Kedgem mine should atleast sponsor all university student from Lufwanyama district or payroll a vacational skills collage in the district on top of the tax they pay……….

  4. But you find the headmen , chiefs and ministers of Lufwanyama district are all bribed while the majority of people are wallowing in abject poverty ………

  5. The Zambian miner trapped in a Burkina Faso mine has sadly passed away. More blood on hh and upnd. What would force a citizen of a country rich in minerals to seek Job in another country and risk his life? A clear sign of how bad things are in zambia under upnd. He promised you jobs but here we are

  6. Zambian company enters Guinness book of
    World records but majority Zambians can’t
    Make a dollar a day so what benefit to Zambians?

  7. With due respect, Kaiser Zulu shouldn’t masquerade on this forum as on high moral ground when frequently being dragged to courts of law for civil and criminal offences. So we remind you to pay $13,000 you owe Mr Stephen Mulembeta Samuteba. You promised to pay this money within 30 days from 24th March 2022.


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