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UPND youths bemoan low sensitization on accessing CDF

General News UPND youths bemoan low sensitization on accessing CDF

The United Party for National Development (UPND) youths in Kitwe district have appealed to the Town Clerk to quickly develop a strategy of highlighting the procedure for accessing the Constituency Development Funds (CDF) to youths and the vulnerable in the district.

UPND Kitwe District Youth Chairman Bowas Kapata noted that councilors and ward development committees in the district have not done enough to educate the people on the grass root on how to access the CDF.

He has since challenged the councilors to conduct sensitization meetings in their communities where people can be guided on how to access the CDF and other empowerment opportunities that government is providing.

“We are very concerned with the existing ignorance among youths on how to access the funds which government has rolled out to benefit the youths and other vulnerable people in society,” he said.

Speaking to ZANIS in Kitwe today, Mr. Kapata said without a proper sensitization strategy, youths and several vulnerable people will not access the increased CDF money which people are supposed to benefit through developmental projects.

Mr. Kapata has however announced that the youth wing will soon initiate sensitization meetings to try and educate their colleagues on the available government empowerment programs especially those under CDF.

Several stakeholders have expressed worry on the lack of information on the procedure to access CDF and other empowerment opportunities that the government is providing which has resulted in a lot of people failing to access these empowerment initiatives.

On Tuesday this week, Copperbelt Permanent Secretary Augustine Kasongo directed Heads of Government departments in the province to ensure that they remove all bottlenecks to the access to CDF.

This was in response to the low number of people that have applied for CDF funds in various councils, a situation that has been attributed to the cumbersome procedure and lack of information among the general public on the procedure.


  1. They are chewing that money while you continue wallowing in poverty you disgruntled youth. We warned you


  3. The problem is ba YOUTH are lazy…..so they want some one to go around the country explaining to them how this works? Rubbish ….go out there and fight for those funds. For your own information even people INCLINED to PF are entitled .

  4. What’s the point of announcing a package of benefits, when you haven’t told potential recipients how to access those benefits? Empty hot air isn’t it? And the case of getting off one’s back to work…where are the jobs for our youth, please tell me?

    #plant a tree please.

  5. Today ati youth are lazy but when they wanted your votes they blamed it on pf. See your lives haha. We warned you. In 2026 do the right thing

  6. Without doubt these youths see CDF as hammer-time and spending-time. UPND rushed to pronounce this policy without Plans, Structures, Programs & Due Process.

    If you give money to someone who has no financial management insights, they will just spend it on depreciating things. This is more reason why 65% of people who win jackpots in the world end up broke or bankrupt after 5 years. It’s because of lack of Financial Management.

    These youths need self help programs & mentoring on start-ups & small scale businesses

  7. first phase of CDF must be capacity building. I know plenty graduates who don’t know how to write a business proposal, what more the poor! create simple templates so that applicants just fill in the gaps, NOT ate business proposal lol……..in Mporokoso or mulobezi business proposal? jokes!!

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