Britain gives Zambia one billion pounds for SMEs development

British High Commissioner Nicholas Woolley
British High Commissioner Nicholas Woolley

The British government says it has set one billion pounds aside over the next five years to help boost its investment in Zambia.

British High Commissioner to Zambia Nicholas Woolley says government will also help boost Finance for Zambia’s Small Medium Entrepreneurs (SMEs) by 100 million pounds.

Mr. Woolley says the British Government has also increased investment in renewable energy by 500 Million pounds.

He says the partnership is embodied in the UK-Zambia Green Growth Compact signed by ministers during President Hakainde Hichilema’s visit to the United Kingdom in November 2021.

Mr. Woolley was speaking in Lusaka last night at the occasion of her majesty Queen Elizabeth’s 96th birthday and 70th Anniversary rule.

And Mr. Woolley said the British government is impressed that the 2021 General Election demonstrated the maturity of Zambia’s democracy because it was a peaceful transition of party.

Meanwhile, Energy Minister Peter Kapala said Zambia and United Kingdom Government has enjoyed good bilateral relations for a long time.

Mr. Kapala said Britain is one of the major investors in Energy, Agriculture, Mining, Education, Health, Climate change among others.

He pointed out that the investment in the energy sector will contribute to sustainable electricity strategic plan for generation and transmission infrastructure.

Mr. Kapala said the occasion to celebrate the Queen’s birthday and her rule has given the Zambian Government an opportunity to appreciate the long lasting relationship anchored on developmental agenda.


  1. Nice, this what we need from our masters!!
    Billions of pounds.
    We don’t even mind if UK send us thousands of SMS managers.

  2. This is great!. Hope the notoriety in red tape will not be there. Accountability yes but red tape not helpful.

  3. What is the catch here because this kind of money can’t come in for free and theres nothing for free in life

    “He says the partnership is embodied in the UK-Zambia Green Growth Compact signed by ministers during President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA’s visit to the United Kingdom in November 2021.” End Quote.
    I highlight this: “signed by ministers during President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA’s visit to the United Kingdom in November 2021.”
    I hope the who call HH a GLOBETROTTER, wasting Tax-Payers money, or whatever HATEFUL and useless COMMENTS you dishout against HH travels, you should be EMBARASSED now. 100 million pounds over the next 5yrs.For a positive news, Zambian bloggers disappear !!

  5. During PF rule the top stories were “Zambia exports a British Ambassador”. Now with the UPND its good news everyday, Mines investing, Indo Zambia Bank investing,EU Block signing deals at EU-Zambia forum, POst Office to be upgrade into Digital, and now British 1 Billion pounds. With HH at the Helm, its manna from heaven. And looks like its everyday ka. I wonder if you people even needed CDF cos there is just too much money coming your way and i dont think you guys are ready for it.

  6. Please, BA LT, leave my comments alone and stop this fuulish moderation for nothing. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU !
    Concentrate on correcting your articles and your journalists and LEAVE bloggers alone AND let all bloggers enjoy freedom of expression ! The iron of it is you block innocent comments, and let through INSULTING comments by cerrtain PF i.d.iots here.
    BTW: Just check the title of this article “Britain gives Zambia one billion pounds for SMS development”, Britain is NOT ” giving” But its investing.
    Those are the things you should spend your time on and not DELAYING our contribution.

  7. There’s nothing sinister here………

    It’s mutual business country to country……….

    The British have seen they can work with this new government, that is mature and pragmatic ………….

    You can belive when we say zambia comes first in every international trade or investment deal…………

    Gone are the days when zambia accepts any one sided crap after bribes being exchanged………

  8. @Jonathan Mutaware-Formerly”Step Aside” ,
    Nope, they are NOT ready at all, they would rather spend hours debating SEAN Tembo or PF crybabies like Nakachida, Lvshambo, Lvbinda. Spend time debating on supporting SUSPECTED POMPWEES, the people WHO are suspected to have STOLEN, and they are RICH.
    Or spend hour commenting on how often HH is travelling…….AND YET after every travel this man has made so far, there has been results, they don’t see that because they are all FOCUSED on the NEGATIVE side of things. Even CDF is NOT being fully utilized.
    ANY positive article here has attracted an average of 7 comments, but when it comes to POMPWEES apologizing, you get over 60 comments….

  9. The British are very crooked. They don’t give anything for free. Just ask those upnd diasporans like spaka,tarino and others. For letting them stay in England, these boys are cleaning toilets for thr British

  10. Sounds good – but, I expect it is a case of ‘scratch my back & I will scratch yours’! You don’t get perks for nothing!

    #plant a tree please!

  11. Good for Zambia but let them also supervise
    Accountability as the beneficiaries will not
    Benefit but the handlers.

  12. This money frm the British hs strings attached, its not hs to benefit. Its jst on paper, ad we can’t be rejoicing, it’s nothing. Zambians wake up ad believe in yourselves, time for handouts is long gone. Plse let’s wake up ad believe in ourselves. Leaders wake up. Awee!! Very disappointed.

  13. What is SMS even in the article the writer has continued with this typo …it should be SMEs

  14. @13 Tarino Orange
    An not quite just been busy driving UBER….do you think Britain can give Zambia a billion pounds,,,,,you must be sick in the head….why cant Britain help its own black citizens struggling and knifing each other in Black neighborhoods in the UK…..Remember UK promised IDI AMIN millions and he never even received a penny…pick pockets in the tube every minute ZAMBIA HAS BEEN SOLD TO THE COLONIAL MASTERS WE HAVE A HOUSE NEGROEEEE IN THE STATE HOUSE


  16. It’s very sad to see that we celebrate hand-outs … we have more natural resources than Britain ..but we allow foreigners to steal our resources and give us leftovers as Aid

    Our mindset are misconfigured

  17. HH owns this one and deserves credit. Lusakatimes Britain has not given Zambia free money. This is an investment Britain pumping into Zambia that has been bundled together from these sublets.

    a) CDC Group.
    b) The Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG).
    c) The British Chamber of Commerce in Zambia.
    d) The International Growth Centre (IGC) based at the London School of Economics.
    e) UK Export Finance (UKEF) is the UK’s export credit agency.

  18. @17 TIKKI
    Please tell that to your fellow Lumbani madoda praise singers Spaka,Tarino Orange, Step aside and pompweee General Kanene

  19. 1.Like we keep saying time after time. The world has got too much money sitting idle just waiting for *creative minds, *great ideas, *innovations, *inventions etc.. from all over the globe. Success starts and ends in the mind. Making money is a mindset. Creating wealth is a choice. If you can take time to *imagine, *think, *create ideas and *actualize your thoughts…. then money will always follow you abundantly. The world is paying millions of $ Dollars to thinkers and creative minds, regardless of your background; where you come from, ethnicity or colour of the skin.

  20. 2. We are as good as a white man. But limiting beliefs, and blame games are what stop us. The greatest enemy to black people is black people themselves. We are too afraid to fail and want to cut shorts. No person has created great innovation or inventions without having encountered failure. Failure just means keeping on trying and thinking differently. To a determined person failing is just another exercise and learning curve. Thomas Edson attempted more than 1000 times to make the first combustion electric bulb.

  21. @13 Tarino Orange
    Its memorial day weekend coming up here in the USA so its busy time for UBER driving…plus deadly shooting in Texas….

  22. 3. We live in a digital and information age. Networking with people all over the world is one click on your smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC. Now is the time for creative minds to tap into this opportunity. If you are an Engineer, Scientist… Small Scale Entrepreneur etc.. this is your time to take Zambia forward and get rewarded financially for your creative ideas and hard work.

    {POOR } stands for: Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly To all Mechanical, Civil & Software Engineers, Scientist & Creative Minds,… etc. This is a grand opportunity !!!

  23. @Spaka and Tarino
    Now they will remove you from welfare there in the UK and Tikki also is on welfare in the UK

  24. Who says this is free money? This is our money which we invested in Britain for hundreds of years of plundering our resources. That is just a fraction of the interest it has earned.

  25. A man told a son that to everything there’s a cost directly or indirectly. You are where you are probably because……..,

  26. Wow! How Anthony Bwalya came from the backdoor, overlapped and knockout SLUGGISH and SLEEPY established media CRONIES of UPND to become HH’s Right Hand Man & Press Aid.

    @ INDEPENDENT OBSERVER. That’s the inspiring and motivating comments missing from a lot of our leaders past and present. Unfortunately alot of bloggers don’t like such things but name calling, insults and so on. As for black people, you just need to look at knife crime in UK. Its black on black. In USA raps songs are about b$tches and wh$res. And gun crime in black USA neighbourhood is skyrocket. In Zambia its now this tribe and that tribe.

  27. #13 Tarino Orange…is the money coming to my pocket. Besides is this something to be proud of… getting alms until eternity?. Imagine your parents always asking for salt from your neighbors… when are they going to start making their salt.

  28. That’s the problem with Zambians in general and PF cadres in particular. One billion pounds has been set aside for SMEs and investment in productivity, but instead of seeing potential for personal business growth and development for the country in general, some people see colonialism and slavery. We want dubious loans from China which are only shared between the Chinese and corrupt African leaders….meanwhile our countries are robbed of valuable resources and left burdened with humongous debts. I for one, I prefer to wok for my wealth and not steal and loot like some people were used to under the PF regime. They took over KCM, failed to run the mine and looted it, gave themselves fake and inflated contracts. These people are worse than thieves, they are traitors who betrayed their…

  29. They took over KCM, failed to run the mine and looted it, gave themselves fake and inflated contracts. These people are worse than thieves, they are traitors who betrayed their fellow citizens and only prison is fit for them. For my fellow productive citizens, lets take every opportunity given to us to lift ourselves out of poverty, complaining everyday will not do it for us.

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