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Criminals ransack water supply installations worth over K500, 000 at Kafubu Water


Criminals have ransacked water supply installations worth over K500, 000 belonging to Kafubu Water and Sanitation Company in Ndola’s Minsundu area.

Kafubu Water Public Relations Manager Misheck Moyo has confirmed that the unscrupulous people vandalised four of the ten water boreholes which the utility uses to supply water to the northern part of Ndola City.

Mr. Moyo said Kafubu Water has lost half a million kwacha through these thefts and vandalism of the water boreholes in Minsundu.

He said the case has been reported to police although no arrests have been made.

Mr. Moyo said the vandalism has negatively affected water supply in Ndeke Twapia, Pamodzi and Lubuto Townships among other areas.

He said Kafubu Water was aware of consumer’s complaints regarding fewer hours of supply in the Ndeke Twapia, Pamodzi and Lubuto Townships among other areas.

Mr. Moyo pleaded with Ndola residents to assist Kafubu Water in reporting these vandals to police.

“Kafubu Water and Sanitation Company is fully aware of the water challenges people are facing in Ndeke, Twapia, Pamodzi and Lubuto areas. These challenges have been caused basically due to vandalism on infrastructure. Want to report that to the nation that four of our boreholes at Minsundu Plant which supply water to these areas have been vandalised and we have lost machinery worthy over half a million kwacha,” Mr. Moyo said.

“Four of the ten water boreholes have been vandalized by unknown criminals. The matter has been reported to police. The boreholes in question supply water to the Northern part of Ndola that includes: Twapia, Pamodzi and Lubuto. We have lost half a million kwacha through these thefts. Residents should assist us in reporting these vandals to police. The process to replace vandalized materials at a great cost has started. Our engineers will start repairing the said boreholes tomorrow (Thursday),” Mr. Moyo said.

He continued:”We are in the process of replacing these materials and I want to assure residents in these areas that this problem is going to be rectified in a couple of days. These problems will be rectified. We are working with state police to ensure that the culprits who have vandalised our materials, equipment and boreholes in Minsundu are brought to book. We are further appealing to members of the public to be vigilant and report all suspected vandals who are tempering with our infrastructure to the nearest police. Police are making sure that these criminals who have vandalised our boreholes are brought to book.”

Kafubu Water services people in Ndola, Luanshya and Masaiti Towns.

Meanwhile, Mulonga Water has also bemoaned the vandalism of water infrastructure in Chingola and Mufulira.

Mulonga Water Public Relations Manager Bright Mtonga said levels of vandalism and thefts are on the rise in Chingola and Mufulira despite heightened sensitization against the scourge.

“In the water supply and sanitation business, customers and water utilities are inseparable so we need to work together. People should not sugar court that vandalism is as a result of water pipes being on bare land. There is no justification for stealing. As Mulonga in our quest to improve water supply we put up a plan to erect a new water treatment plant, procure new water pipes and improve the welfare of our staff.We have been explaining to people the badness of vandalism.The first step to ending vandalism is ensuring that as an individual you take part in efforts to prevent the scourge. Even if we bury pipes 100 meters deep if people do not change their mindset that will not stop thefts. Let all the people in Chingola resolve and say no to vandalism. Citizens should work with Mulonga to end vandalism,” Mr. Mtonga.


  1. These kind of theft surprises me …I mean someone or people are stealing commerical pumping equipment there are so many places you can count on your fingers to sell it to in the country.

  2. These companies have security departments Zesco and Water utilities full time. The investigation must start from within. You can’t keep on buying and losing material everyday. It’s not different from stealing by Government officials….they all retard development.

  3. Destructive acts that thwart development. It’s one step forward, two steps back!

    #plant a tree please.

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