Saturday, June 15, 2024

ECZ calls on citizens to submit voter’s cards for dead relatives


Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) Vice Chairperson, Emily Sikazwe has implored Zambians to submit voter’s cards of their deceased relatives to help the Commission remove them from the register.

Dr. Sikazwe said removing the deceased from the voters register will help the Commission to have accurate figures of eligible voters.

Dr. Sikazwe said in Ndola today when she officially launched the continuous voter registration on the Copperbelt.

ZANIS reports that apart from registering new voters, all provincial centres will provide other services such as removal of the deceased from the register.

“These centres will also be receiving voter’s cards for the deceased so that they are removed from the voters register. We are therefore calling on the general public to bring their deceased’s voter’ cards to the centre,” she said.

She said the continuous voter registration puts an end to the long queues that characterized voter registration exercises in the previous elections.

Dr. Sikazwe said the exercise will continue up to 2026 and beyond and will include among other services, new voters card registrations, transfers, replacements, correction of clerical errors, claims for inclusion in the voters register and amendments to the voters register following the outcome of appeals and objections.



  2. This is a strange request. So what can one do with dead mans voters card? Why didn’t you ask the same during PF?

  3. What a rubbish statement to be made. Its not the responsibility of citizens to update the voters register of Zambia. That’s the more reason Dr Emily Sikazwe was appointed to perform that task. Sikazwe receives a salary for the job she was appointed to do and not citizens. There will little improvements at ECZ with attitude of deficiency displayed by Sikazwe. In addition, chairman of ECZ judge Esau Chulu who faked presidential results of Lundazi in 2016 now wants to masquerade as a upright person to run ECZ is a big joke. Collect data of dead people from police and hospitals and chiefs in Zambia. These 3 have by law to report, register and keep record details of all dead people in Zambia and use that as your primary source of data and other related sources to update the national voters…

  4. register. Get on with the job which you earn your living from, than pressing on citizens who are already with more pressing issues of food, jobs and welfare of their families .

  5. This Emily, is looking for a man to remarry? I need dinner with that woman so we talk sense. She can’t delete RB from database without voters card?
    Why should Andrew Banda bother to submit NRC and Voters card for his father RB to Patrick Nshindano?

  6. Why haven’t we exploited IT? We don’t need voters’ cards in the computer age.
    The problem with us Africans is that we are always waiting for a European to come and tell us this. Then and only then will we act.
    One card can be used as NRC, voters card, driving licenses and passports can be affixed to it. We have one of Southern Africa’s biggest pools of computer/IT scientists but we aren’t using them for our development.

  7. It’s nonsense to be registering voters when the entire population can be accessed from a central database. Just have a system of birth registration and constant verification and you will remove unnecessary chores like the one she’s on now. Or is govt scared that jobs will be lost?

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