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Government to only pay for supplied university equipment-PS


Ministry of Technology and Science Permanent Secretary, Brilliant Habeenzu, has said it is necessary to conduct an audit on equipment supplied to higher institutions of learning before payments are made.

Dr. Habeenzu said this follows the release of money from the African Development Bank to higher learning institutions such as Mulungushi University.

He said this in Kabwe yesterday when he paid a courtesy call on Central Province Permanent Secretary Milner Mwanakampwe.

Dr. Habeenzu said his team was in Kabwe to audit equipment that was supplied to Mulungushi University and other institutions of higher learning through the Africa Development Bank loan.

He added that the payment would only be made after the team is satisfied that money will be paid on equipment that was actually supplied.

And Dr. Habeenzu has assured Mr. Mwanakampwe that the appointments of board members for Kabwe Institute of Technology and Nkumbi International College would be expedited.

He further said the provincial administration would be given an opportunity to help identify names of people to serve on the board.

Earlier, Central Province Permanent Secretary, Milner Mwanakampwe, appealed to Dr. Habeenzu to ensure that Kabwe Institute of Technology and Nkumbi International College board members are quickly appointed.

And Mr. Mwanakampwe said it was important to follow up on the supply of equipment at concerned universities just to be sure that what is being paid for was indeed supplied.


  1. I don’t agree with the decision by the PS to conduct an audit by himself. It requires an experts eye to see the levels of theft and insider deals that occurred in these institutions under the PF. What makes it even more complex in that even those that were in the procurement chain became suppliers to the same institutions they worked for. Cadres even prevailed on ZRA to clear goods without any tax. Many goods weren’t even according to specifications. Even internal auditors joined in the fraud. If you mishandle this like it has become common, we’ll seize you by the balls

  2. They are stealing under this gov and only giving contracts to people who support upnd and from a certain tribe

  3. What exactly is this ministry’s role? They appear to interfere or replicate the functions of the ministry of Education, Transport/Communication and also Health with Mutati visiting a Hospital and talking about provision of quality service.

  4. @Chiza The ministry is relevant but it has not been properly envisioned. That is why it duplicates the Ministry of Education. It should be designed to deal with Reasearch and development in governmental proects and mostly issues that General Education is not dealing with. Its focus should be technological developments, colleges and perhaps universities. and the National Council for Scientific Research

  5. Seems to me this should be Department under the ministry of education, particularly research and development.
    Technology is present in all ministries, and so is science. This requires a departmental head who is a technocrat.
    Lately I have been failing to understand what Mutati has to offer as minister, and his PS is duplicating the role of the PS for education.

  6. And the guy is Tonga!!!! What a country we have turned into. … & they play victim to tribalism ? These guys say zambia is tribal against them? When we gave them a chance look at what they have done, bring in their tribe to rule in almost everything! Just know we will never make this mistake again! I don’t care how you take my statement but as much as each tribe has the good and the bad, u guys are proving your critics right!!! A tribe that thinks they are more superior? God will surely help us!!!

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