Transport and Logistics Minister, Frank Tayali Accepts invitation to visit Angola

MINISTER of Transport and Logistics Frank Tayali
MINISTER of Transport and Logistics Frank Tayali

Transport and Logistics Minister, Frank Tayali says the lack of access to roads and border infrastructure between Zambia and Angola is acting as an impediment to completing the circuit that will enable Zambia to achieve its goal of becoming a regional hub for transport and logistics.

Speaking when he presented the invitation letter by Angolan Ambassador to Zambia, Mr Tayali said the invitation was timely as the government has been planning to engage with the Angolan government on matters of mutual interest between the two countries.

“The letter, in essence, is an invitation that I as Minister of Transport and Logistics in Zambia together with my key Ministry staff are being invited to Angola for the purpose of reviewing a number of agreements that may have been signed-in the past. And this is areas of aviation, roads, maritime, border infrastructure and even the possibility of pipeline infrastructure” he said.

He said he has accepted the invitation as it provides an opportunity for the two countries to review agreements that were made in the past the two countries that are yet to be completed.

Mr Tayali further expressed hope that Angolan airlines whose operations in Zambia have ceased will resume operations in the country.

Meanwhile, Angolan Ambassador to Zambia Azevedo Francisco expressed gratitude that the Minister has promptly accepted the invitation and hoped that the Minister once in Angola will have an opportunity to visit all the harbours in the country.

The invitation was sent by his Angolan counterpart and the Minister has committed to formally respond in a few days.


  1. It’s time to connect pipeline between the two countries so that Zambians can start getting
    Cheaper fuel.

  2. That conglomeration should exhume productive actions that will revive and strengthen Economic relationship between Angola and Zambia. The government of Angola has been inflexible to Zambia in enhancing mutual understanding on economic interests for both countries. Ba Frank Tayali not ukuya mukukopwafye ama photos uko muleya, make sure you do your best.

  3. Of course these f00ls will jump on any opportunities to travel and claim expenses. Yet we know this is a meeting that could easily be done via zoom. I hope his obese backside crashes the plane. Fuseke

  4. The primary challenge to trade between Zambia and Angola is the language barrier. The same applies to Mozambique. The other is port facilities in Angola aren’t that well developed, and of course the prolonged civil war’s effects are still evident. Luanda and Lobito must compete with Maputo, Dar es Salaam, Durban & Walvis Bay. I hope another mistake won’t be made like in the past when KK used ZCCM money to develop Dar es Salaam but Zambia doesn’t benefit from that massive investment. We must pursue that money and make Tanzania payback. These were some of the decisions that helped collapse Zambia’s economy

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