Friday, June 14, 2024

Northern Coffee Company workers down tools


Coffee pickers at Northern Coffee Company, Isanya plantation in Mbala district have staged a protest  to demand for improved conditions of services.

This is barely a week after their counterparts at Kateshi plantation in Kasama also protested demanding salary increment.

Edith Nakazwe , who spoke on behalf of  fellow workers, said it was regrettable that owners of the company are exploiting workers by paying them  as little as K8 for every 10kg of coffee beans picked.

Accusing company management of human rights abuses and labour violations, the workers’ representative maintained that they have downed tools until their demands are met.

And Mbala District Commissioner Annie Paul who addressed the protesting workers  said there is need to find amicable solution to the alleged poor working conditions at the company.
Mrs Paul said it is unfair for management at the company to give deaf ear to complaints from workers.

“ It will be in the best interest of the company to have a cordial understanding with both the workers and people in the area, “ she said.

The District Commissioner has since called on management to quickly resolve the impasse with its workers.

Speaking earlier, Mbala Member of Parliament, Njavwa Simutowe described coffee pickers as very important to the plantations hence the need to protect their interest.

Company representative Manager Patrick Mumba assured the workers that he will relay their complaints to top management adding that they will respond to in due course.

Last week, workers at the company’s Kateshi  branch in Kasama protested over poor conditions resulting in the death of one employee.


  1. These companies behave as they do, because they know they can get away with it! Hasn’t the government of Zambia got teeth to bite with? As an effective government, you cannot let companies exploit workers right under your nose! Who else is supposed to protect the people if not their government? Unbelievable!

  2. #2 Zennia…the main protectors of workers ie the unions and labor Officers are rotten to the core. Some twenty years ago one of our workers had reported us to the labor office. Instead of investing the case, the labor came to coach us how to defend the institution..of course at a fee. The unions are a sell out, they side with the one they dine with.

  3. Yaba K8 per kg! Who are these capitalists? Tell us you lazy journalists.
    Fellow “workers” in Lusaka get $20,000 car allowance and they demand a 20percent increase. For sitting down in an air conditioned office and shouting “hear hear” with free coffee from Brazil. Northern Coffee Company’s coffee would be too cheap for them.

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