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Government commences payment of monthly subsidies to Chiefs


The government has commenced payment of monthly subsidies to traditional leaders throughout the country. So far a total of 15 out of 26 Chiefs across the country have now started receiving.

Chairperson of the House of Chiefs, Chief Chikwanda of the Bemba people of Mpika disclosed this to Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary Henry Mukungule. Speaking at his palace yesterday when Mr Mukungule and team paid a courtesy call on him, Chief Chikwanda said from the 15 traditional leaders who have been introduced on the system four are from Muchinga.

Muchinga alone has a total of 19 traditional leaders eligible to receive monthly subsidies and so far only 18 are receiving. The remaining chief is yet to receive his as he is yet to be included in the system since he recently ascended to the throne.
Chief Chikwanda said on behalf of the House of Chiefs, he is happy that the new dawn government has managed to put a total of 26 Chiefs on the monthly subsidy.

He further advised other traditional leaders who are yet on the system to be patient.

“I want to inform you that Government has managed to introduce a total of 15 traditional leaders on the monthly subsidy out of 26 Chiefs who were not receiving the monthly subsidies, ” said Chief Chikwanda.

Chief Chikwanda says traditional leaders in the country are happy with the good gesture by the government to give monthly subsidies to them.

And Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary Mukungule says as President Hakainde Hichilema’s administration considers traditional leaders as partners in development, it, therefore, consults traditional leaders on various issues of national interest.

“We consider traditional leaders as partners in national development and as new dawn administration, we will ensure that we work closely with the traditional leaders,” said Mr Mukungule.

The Provincial Permanent Secretary also advised traditional leaders to stay away from politics. Mr Mukungule is in Mpika on his continued familiarisation tour to check on developmental projects and other programmes being implemented by the government.

And Chief Chikwanda says traditional leaders will work with the government to foster development in Chiefdoms. He says unity is cardinal in national development adding that it is important that government and traditional leaders work in harmony in order for the ordinary citizens to benefit from what government intends to implement.

“Government should always engage traditional leaders on various programmes and activities it intends to implement for easy rolling out of such programmes, “ he said.

Chief Chikwanda also appealed to the Government to help the Mpika College of Agriculture with a tractor so that it can expand the cultivation of its farmland.

He said that the school has enough farmland and a newly acquired centre pivot and can do better if it was assisted with a tractor.

The traditional leader further appealed to the Government to assist the College with a school bus saying the bus the school is currently using is old and not safe for the students and members of staff.

Mr Mukungule is in Mpika on his continued familiarisation tour to check on developmental projects and other programmes being implemented by the government.

Mr Mukungule is also taking time to visit traditional leaders and also meet civil servants in the Districts. Meanwhile, Chief Chikwanda says he has reported some people to the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC ) for allegedly giving pieces of land to people in the Chiefdom without his consent.

He said a named former civil servant is allegedly conniving with some people in Lusaka to acquire land in my Chiefdom and put that land on title behind my back.


  1. These chiefs should be attending educational blasses for this money………

    Teach them basic labour and environmental laws to impact their subjects……………

  2. How can the chief tell the PS about receipt of salaries? Is not the PS who’s in charge of distribution of government services? Anyway picking cadres for civil service is like a tail wagging the dog.

  3. What happened to you the LT this week? Your website was abstaining. Did you all have periods at same time?

  4. Chiefs are parasites,leeches as are all politicians in Zambia.They live on subsidies, doles, extortion and bribery. As for villain Chikeanda, he is the same chameleon who was drinking with Lungu and conspired to take advantage of Covid to close UNZA and kill the strike move of theunion.

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