Kitwe black mountain accidents false says African Women in Mining

Mining at Black Mountain

African Women in Mining, an association carrying out mining activities at the black mountain has refuted claims suggesting that young people are dying from accidents at the famous black mountain in Kitwe district.

Association President Grace Njapau notes that the area is currently secure and many locals are benefiting from the government driven empowerment programme.

She cautioned sections of society who have been spreading false rumours to desist from the vice, saying such information is likely to cause unrest among the citizenry, especially those involved in the mining operations at the said locality.

Speaking in an interview in Kitwe today, Ms. Njapau urged Zambians to remain patriotic and give credit where it is due.

“It is not true that young people are dying at the black mountain, the mining activities there are going on well, it is just that some people do not want the women and young people to benefit from the empowerment initiative.” She narrated.

She explained that the site is secure and is being managed by a supervisor, who is making sure that the place is safe.

Ms. Njapau revealed that the mining activities were going on well, adding that over one hundred cooperatives have been empowered so far.

She described the negative reports being spread by some sections of the media as malicious and urged the media houses running those reports to carry out thorough investigations before broadcasting the material.

“We must rise above malicious reporting, and this kind of reporting shows that someone does not love their country, otherwise we should be patriotic and help our country to develop,” she noted.

The reaction from the African Women in Mining, follows an increase in media reports, suggesting that numerous accidents have characterized the black mountain were youths have been undertaking mining activities.


  1. Just send a press query to Kitwe Teaching Hospital on the matter and you’ll get your facts. The woman that has responded isn’t an authority on this matter. What’ll agitate the people are 2 issues, the first is that those that are benefitting from the mountain aren’t known and the other is that KTH receives several bodies transported in tipper trucks almost on a daily basis. It’s not animals that are dying, even animals can’t be left to die without the veterinary or department of wild life getting concerned. So before you open your mouth think about those that have lost relatives and children. Elisha Matambo must verify these reports and investigate the several video footage that have been shared on social media. He’s directly responsible so he mustn’t politicize this matter. He’s…

  2. I just read the first paragraph and stopped…so long as these people are making money from those scraps they will refute any accident…they have no regard for health and safety.

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