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What I went through in the hands of my wife


Dear Editor,

I met a gorgeous Zambian lady, born and raised in Malawi, on Facebook. We started dating. I was in an 8yrs relationship with an excellent Nigerian lady whom I left for the Zambian lady. I dated the Zambian lady for a while, brought her to the U.K, and married her. I changed her life, mentored her to become an IT Scrum Master, and used my links to get her a job; she started earning £60,000 annually here in the U.K. She also was given branded new cars every three months.

I used to do stock trading when I met her; I mentored her on how to trade. Behind my back, she convinced my parents to loan her £75,000. She also convinced my sister to loan her £45,000. She blew the money on the stock market. My family forgave her. I had to sell my detached five bedrooms house to repay my family. We had to move into a rented one-bedroom house. I saw a message she sent to her friend that she never knew she would marry a broke-ass man, yet I forgave her.

4yrs into the marriage, I found out she was having a lesbian relationship with a Malawian lady, whom she claimed was her friend. She confessed that she was bisexual.

6yrs into the marriage, just this last December, my sister’s husband died from Covid-related complications, aged 46yrs old. While my family was planning for his funeral, my so-called wife said she wanted to go and visit her family in Zambia. She traveled and was in Zambia for 6weeks. Half of the time she was there, I hardly got her on the phone. She came back to the U.K on 8 Feb 2022. On Valentine’s Day, she went out to the gym. I opened her tablet, and what I saw there made a grown man like me cry like a baby. She did several sex scenes with a Zambian man. While they were having sex, her sisters were her cameraman; they clapped and cheered. In one of the videos, the man had a threesome with her and her step-sister.

I confronted my wife; she said they were meant to be just fun and not serious. Also, she saved the guy’s number and carried on contacting him on her return to the U.K. Funny enough is that the Zambian man in question is ugly and has a small penis, I just don’t know what she wanted to achieve by doing what she did. When I questioned her, she confessed that her step-sister was the person who Pimped her out to the guys. The most disrespectful part is that she traveled with drinks I bought here in the U.K and used them to entertain the guy. She also had me change her flight with my money so she could stay an extra two weeks in Zambia, unbeknown to me that she was having sex with a Zambian man.

My wife, now ex-wife, as I have launched a divorce petition based on adultery, was due for indefinite leave to remain in the U.K. in May. I have told the Home Office to remove my sponsorship for her spouse’s visa. I have also petitioned for a divorce. Her employer has now moved her to a skilled worker visa.

She also mistakenly forwarded a voice note meant for someone else to me. In the voice note, her family was discussing the incident. Her brother said she confided in him that she never loved me and only used me for a visa to enter the United Kingdom, that I am a boring person, I don’t go clubbing, all I do is go to the gym, read, work, and go to the church. Her father said in the voice note that what she could have done was to wait until she got her British Citizenship and then divorce me.

I have one of the pictures of both her and her lover were naked and a divorce petition I launched.


  1. Zambian ladies were more conservative before MMD took over in 1991.This kind of behaviour was unheard off! Its too bad you missed all the red flags along the way. Your Ex has good fundraising skills though , in convincing your family to give her £120 000 and in convincing you to invest so heavily in her ! Hope you will be able to move on from this toxic relationship.

  2. Mundane day to day dramatics from our so-called narried lives. Nothing new here son. As one American once counselled me when my girl did a runner with another guy “All women are bitches”” he said, “except your mother”. Its the way of the world. The one consoolation is that the there is more P*s*y out there than any one man can handle. Don;’t cry over spilt milk but also dont make the same mistake twice

  3. Really laughable …this guy is something else who even goes out with a Nigerian lady for 8 years in the UK; Nigerians are more secretive than Zambian women; this guy likes throwing everything at women and gets surprised when it backfires.

  4. Tarino we know it is you who sent in such a hopeless story which you made up. You are a sad rat. The story line maybe true but change it to toilet cleaner and earning peanuts. .fuseke

  5. This is FAKE STORY for the sake of having something to ready. The story does not add up, I will consider it entertainment!

  6. @ Zambiano
    Spot on.
    The two foes found time to go on each other’s throat for malabisi/ ma RUBBISH.. Grow up guys

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